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TW's Hepatitis C Update
Feb. 14, 2004


It has been awhile since I last contacted you and I just wanted to update you on my hubby B. ...  He had all his scans and ultrasounds re-done since it has been a little over 2 years.  He has been on your program (somewhat aggressive) for about a year now and his tests are improving.  His liver functions are perfect now, we were worried for a while when they really started shooting up there, but down to normal now!  

At one time all his scans were showing fatty liver, inflammation and dense fibroses... well we got his results last week and it has NO inflammation, NO fatty liver, and has decreased in density... with a comment of "suggest re-testing due to dramatic changes"  Yes we had it all done again... SAME RESULTS!!!

We are trying to get as much done as possible now because I am now disable due to a spinal injury I got last year after installing an air conditioning unit myself... I carried it up 3 flights of stairs and installed myself.. yes I am crazy!!

Bill was also having such a horrible time when he was on the "recommended treatment", he would fall because of the pain and swelling in his legs, they would go numb and down he went a number of times, the peg combo would raise his temp up to 104, he would be getting up and trying to walk around and (he didn't even remember this) he would bang into walls and fall... it was just heart wrenching to see the man I love dying in front of me, and yes I do feel that the peg combo was killing him.   Every time he fell there I was picking a 220lb man off the floor, amazing what adrenaline can make a person be able to do!

So I have been out of work since August, I am appealing my STD, they are trying to say it was pre-existing, well all my Doc's are helping me, they all wrote letters and sent in more info to show it is not, but unfortunately I still have no income, just B's SSD that can barley cover food.   B. and I are forgoing eating so that my 2 kids can eat.   As of Dec 19th I have been paying 100% for my health insurance... over $1300 a month and as of Feb 19th I go on COBRA.  Bill will be able to go on Medicare part B and United Health as of May 1st, 2004, so for now we are pretty much S O L.  I am trying to find an insurance company to purchase private insurance, my ex hubby is putting the kids on his... sadly I had to go to a attny. to get him to do this, but it is in the works.

Are you aware of any insurance companies that offer health (including RX benefits) insurance, or any web sites that may help my search?   When I search there is so many links that it would take me a year to just narrow a few down.

I have gone to Doc's about my back and they have told me my vertebra are cracking vertically from L1 through L5,S1 down to my tail bone.  Half the discs are blown the rest bulging.  I know that the M in the TLM would help me so much, but there is no way I can afford it, not now, and the future is not looking too good.  My left leg is a dead leg, the nerves are pinched off so I use a walker and drag the dead leg along... by the way I'm 33 years old.

The Doc's tell me that surgery would paralyze me, there is nothing to attach hardware to.  Sometimes I think paralysis sounds good!  I am on Oxycontin, Duragesic patches, muscle relaxants, Xanax... the whole bit... but the pain is still there all day and all night 24/7/365.

I think I told you about my needlestick in May 2003... I was a Phlebotomist (I drew blood from patients in a hospital)... my liver functions are going up, I have sever edema in my right leg, pressure like feeling under my right rib cage.  My ultrasound showed that my liver is inflamed and dense... I am awaiting my bloodwork.  My doctor is skipping the yes or no and going right to the PCR viral load... he wants numbers not yes or no.  I am not going to lie, I am scared... the patient I got the needlestick from died 3 days later from Hep C while on the table having a liver transplant.

Also in 2002 my daughter had 3 surgeries for a vascular malformation in her left arm, the blood vessels grow into a ball like a rubberband ball, her ulnar nerve is running right through the middle and is causing her to lose feeling in that arm and hand.  If they go in surgically she would lose too much blood too fast and possibly die.  They used sclerotherapy... injecting ethanol into the blood vessels, eventually the blood clots and the ethanol dissolves the clot and it is absorbed into the body. It is very painful and recovery is about 6 months.  As the ethanol does its job it starts to move up to the surface of the skin and the skin blisters and bleeds. It is just horrible to see her go through this.  She is 11 now (I have twins, boy & girl), she wants to try to wait till school is over, she's a straight A student, because she is graduating from elem. school.

As you can see things are not going well.  If you have any info about health insurance that would be great.  I still have about a 2 month supply of your alt. meds and I am pray that something happens within the next 2 months, because I would hate to see him stop your program due to money.  He has come so far because of your program.  I do believe that he would be dead by now if not for you.  You have given me hope that I might actually grow old with him and have a full life.  I pray that I can get on your program as well, my kids need me, and I don't want to die.  I can live with being paralyzed.... but if I do have Hep C and I can't treat it I know the outcome.

I hope all is well with you.  I will continue to spread your info around.  At our primary doctors office one of the office girls just found out her hubby has Hep C.  I let her borrow your book and urged her to not let them talk him into the peg combo, and to just read the book and go to your site... there is an alternative, and it wont kill you!!!!   My hubby is proof!!   Once again, THANK YOU, you and all the rest are in my prayers.

T. W.


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