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ADHD, is a Custom-Made "Disease"
February 13, 2004

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, is a custom-made "disease" to start selling drugs quite legally to school kids. Have the doctor prescribe them. Your kid will be that much better off - or not? It appears that the real dough about the adverse effects of antidepressant drugs has been kept secret so as not to ruin sales. Violence and suicide are common side effects of those drugs, and there are some who say that just about every major school shooting has been commited by a kid on psychiatric drugs. It is time we stopped rooting for the profits of pharmaceutical companies, even if they do make up much of the national economy of several countries, and started thinking about the health of our children and their future lives. (Just a hint for legislators...) Jenny Thompson of the Baltimore Health Sciences Institute has put the story together in a very easy-to-follow way, and what's best - she gives us an idea of what natural alternatives to use: (2/11/2004 4:15:07 PM)



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