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Frozen Thymus on the Transplant List
Feb. 11, 2004


After 17 months interferon-riboviron, 3 months pegalated interferon, with some results to the hep-c virus (non lasting).  Virus load went back up after discontinuing use.   Not to mention the devastating side effects to myself.

I finally ended up with a doctor who was at USC for the first interferon trials.  Where they discovered to raise the dosage just ended up putting patients in the hospital with no real gain.  He looked at me and said you have had enough interferon, and by the way it takes six months for the devastating side effects to wear off.

Approximately 11 months ago I started on your frozen thymus and the vitamins ect., as spelled out in your book.  My viral load is down to 183,000 a month ago, no side effects.  Also my fevers and flu like systems have tapered off, with once again NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Thanks again for doing all the research and pioneering a path out of this hepatitis c nightmare.

Also wanted to thank you for helping me, by extending me temporary credit to keep on schedule with the thymus on my meager income.

I am on the liver transplant list.  Have been for years.  Technically we are forbidden to do anything that might help, they are in a surgery mode.  Not even chamomile tea.

One doctor I did have believed kill the virus and the liver would repair itself.  But he moved out of the state and almost killed me with interfurion before he left.

Wish there was some way to help you spread the word there are so many people with Hep-c.

Thanks again
G. A.

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