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The Most Listened to Radio Show
December 4, 2004

The following is the November spread sheet of most requested Bradley Quick Radio Show pages. Lloyd's November 6th appearence is the most listened to show of the month. If you haven't yet heard the program, click the Listen Now link below. You can listen to this great show LIVE anywhere in the world.

Be sure to listen on January 8th at 11 PM Pacific Time
when Lloyd will be on the program again along with Melody Beattie.

Bradley Quick Top 10 for November


Scroll The List of Showsl


Lloyd Wright Hepatitis C Survivor, Researcher and Author of “Triumph Over Hepatitis C” An Alternative Medicine Solution   


Mr. Bob Timmons renowned, Drug and Alcohol  "Counselor to the Stars" has worked with The Rolling Stones, The Stone Temple Pilots, Aero Smith, Blind Melon, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana,


Dr. Jacqueline Sidman Her new book “Instant Inner Peace” defines a trademarked system of clinical hypnotherapy,


Dr. Hugh Ross Ph.D. author of Origins of Life, A Matter of Days and Lights In the Sky & Little Green Men: Dr. Ross presents a persuasive factual scientific case for Christianity


Steve Thoma talkingabout his success in the music business and his recovery. He’s toured, composed, and recorded with:


Rich Shydner successful comedian, actor, writer, producer and a clean and sober friend of mine discussing his days on the road as a stand up comedian, his appearances on Johnny Carson, Jay Lenno,and David Letterman, to his writing and acting for the Rosanne show, Married with Children and more


Dallas Taylor, Jr. former drummer for Crosby, Stills, and Nash, author of “Prisoner of Woodstock”.  Dallas talks about recording with many sixties and seventies rock icons and about how he ended up a destitute junkie


Richard Cole Led Zepplin’s Tour Manager for for 12 years and the Author of “Stairway to Heaven


Chuck Negron former lead singer for Three Dog Night and you might know his voice through his great songs like Joy to the world, One, Eli’s comin, Easy to be hard, Just an old fashion love song and many more. 



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