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Re: Hepatitis C Viral Load Numbers
December 3, 2004

Hi Mr. Lloyd:

My husband has been taking some of your herbs which you recommended for him since about May of this year. He decided to have his blood work done again to see about any changes.

His AST 41 down from 60: ALT from 135 to 97, this was done in Oct.

The question we have is viral load was 378,000 which was done in April, now it is 978,000 which was done in Oct. Do you have any advice on why this raising?

The only thing we can find to produce the natural interferon is the Reishi Mushrooms and he is taking the amount you suggest. Is there any other herb that promotes the natural interferon that he is not taking but maybe he should.

Please let us know, ASAP.
Thank you so much.

Love always and grateful,

Hi K:

Please keep in mind:

Antibiotics, anti depressants, hepatitis A & B vaccines will raise the viral load:

50% of people with hep c who use the above items will experience a double to quadruple rise in the viral load. The other 50% will see there viral load go up 10 million points. I have seen this thousands of times.

I now know that and can prove that Viraga raises the viral load. I am about to publish a paper on this.

Nexium also raises the viral load as do many prescription drugs.

Has your husband used any of the mentioned items or any thing else? I really need a answer so I can further my knowledge. Viral load, symptoms, alt, AST are not related!

The item you need to work on is the AST & ALT Do you have a ferritin test?

Try Ultra Absorbic C, works great on the viral load.

In good health



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