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J H Liver Transplant
December 2, 2004

Hello Lloyd:

My sister Florence told me about her friend J H. who was in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC due to Hepatitis C and was said to be at the end of the line. I believe his wife Nora called you since I heard you had called her friend Christine first to relay your knowledge for their situation. Thank you for being in touch with these people. I told her that you were the heart and soul of any one who had Hepatitis C.

I was told that he received a liver transplant today. I hope and pray all the time that this will start him on the road to complete recovery. I am not sure how it works considering liver transplants. I will let you know what I do hear.

I pray that JH and his wife Nora do contact you when necessary due to his condition. I can only point them in the right direction and hope for the best.

Again thank you so very much for being the support that you are.
It is so so appreciated.

Also, F is trying hard to keep up the regimen that you so carefully mapped out. He definitely is better than when he was on Pegaus and Ribovarin and you know that so well already. He seems to have more energy and we so look forward to the day that he will be free and clear of this virus, as yourself. We have all our hopes in God to use this regimen to do what it must and should do.

Sincerely R A.


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