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Hepatitis C Update
December 22, 2004

Dear Lloyd:

(Long letter...) I write you usually after my tests (every six months.) Well, I went to visit my nurse practitioner about a couple of weeks ago for my routine gynecological yearly testing and the discussion at the time of visit warrents writing sooner. I discussed with my nurse the fact that the numbers, over the last year and a half, (and after the horrible Hep A and flu shot had caused them to go way way up), were now way way down. (roughly from over 4,000,000 to 700,00 viral load and continually normal liver tests) I told her that I was on a program of herbs (Eurocel), vitamins, organic diet, exercise, and alot of rest. I told her that my pains had disappeared and that I felt I was on the road to "non-dectected." She was kind enough to order lab tests for me three months ahead of schedule because I presented so healthy. She told me that she has seen people with cancer be rid of it. The body does have certain powers. My liver panel was completely normal once again. I will have her send the labs. However, the viral load is still pending. I will have that back in few and I will let you know. I expect that to be way low.

My doctor is supportive too but it seems that they (doctors and nurses) just look at the numbers at the time the tests are done. If they are relatively normal, you are called and infomed such. I had to actually put all the pieces together for the nurse, asking her to look at all the tests in relation what was actually happening not to just look at the last test as a marker. I forced her to see me as a total person and to look at what I was doing to help myself. I wanted her to see the total patient not just a lab report. She agreed there is marked improvement and order the new tests.

(I am followed in a major city in a major hospital where there are prominent liver specialists who speak all over the world. I also work in the medical field and have for 22 years. I am very grateful for all that doctors can do but their ignorance over Hep C leaves me stunned. The reliance on pharmaceuticals to cure everything from the common cold to Hep C has got to stop and, getting through to that nurse was something I was proud of. I will push on, like yourself in hopes of helping someone else.)

I just read on your website that there is a place where I can get these tests done in the future without going to the doctor. I am going to look into this. It is difficult when you know you are well to keep going back to get the tests to see where you are and going through the rigamarol with these people. I can treat myself now and that is, in part, because of you and this wonderful website that has literally saved my life. This nurse was kind but, I would like to be tested when I feel the need and treat myself accordingly not every six because that is the standard of care.

On another note, I saw a letter on here whereby someone was looking into natural interferons. Chorella helps make natural interferon. I was reading about in a magazine. I take it daily. I would classify it as a green food. It is in the ProGreens that you sell but I also supplement that with about 3 grams a day. I find I feel really good on this stuff. Also, I read that zinc will help the thymus gland work better. I take about 15 mg. a day. The spice tumeric and oregano is very good for the liver as well. I make these great dandelion root salads loaded with tomatoes, avacados, tumeric, garlic and oregano with extra virgin olive oil. I eat one every day. And, I drink down a glass of juice with it loaded with absorbic C. I think this absorbic C is another great find.

When I have the viral load, I will send it your way. But, I am sure it will be low. I feel better now than I have in years.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
D C.



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