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6 months of the Inteferon Ribavarin combo
December 23, 2004


Enjoyed your book.

I suffered through 6 months of the Inteferon Ribavarin combo (against my better judgement) a few years back with poor results and have several friends that have suffered a variety of side effects on that poison. Out of about a dozen I only know of one that got to the "undetectable" level and remains that way after six months (and he had one of the less potent genotypes). A couple of others were undetectable only until several weeks after completing over a year on the crap. The rest, like myself knocked the numbers down a bit or were non-respondant.

I knew better from talking to others who had gone through the horror, but took a gamble that it would work for me (mostly to appease my loved ones).

The only thing positive I take from that experience is to pay closer attention to my gutt fealings about what may or may not be in my best interest.

Thanks for sharing your hard won experience. May your health continue to improve!!

God bless, and F**k the pharmaceutical cartel.


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