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QuesTest Hepatitis C Services
December 20, 2004

Laboratory Testing
QuesTest Service allows you to request and purchase your own laboratory testing at conveniently located Quest Diagnostics and QuesTest Service locations and receive your own consumer-friendly report either online or through the mail.

Buy today without a visit to your personal physician and receive your results in as little as 48 hours.

Physician Quality
QuesTest services are performed at the same Quest Diagnostics facilities that over 200,000 physicians already use.

Expanded Information
The report you receive includes not only a special section that we encourage you to share with your doctor, but also easy-to-understand explanations just for you.

Popular Testing Services
Packaged for Easy Selection

Screening for conditions you may be at risk for is a great way to take control of your health.

From an extensive list of testing that Quest Diagnostics currently offers to physicians nationwide, we chose popular blood and urine tests and grouped them for easy selection. With a Men’s or a Women’s Health Profile, you can screen for common or potentially serious conditions including those that can effect your heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, thyroid, and overall metabolism.

When you have specific health condition in mind, popular screening tests can be selected individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than the tests my doctor orders?
QuesTest laboratory testing offers the same high quality that over 200,000 physicians rely on today. The report, however, expands on the information we typically provide to your doctor and is sent directly to you with easy to understand explanations.

Do I need my doctor to order these tests?
A visit to your personal physician is not required. Quest Diagnostics arranges for a physician to order your test(s) and receive your results. Restrictions apply. See Terms of Service for full details.

Are these tests covered by insurance?
Generally, no. QuesTest services would not be covered by insurance. Many insurance companies will pay for lab tests only when ordered by your treating physician in connection with prevention, diagnosis or treatment of a disease.

Call 1-877-QuesTest (877-783-7837)
or visit to learn more or register for services.

*A physician will order your test(s) and receive your results, but won’t diagnose or treat you. Always see your personal physician for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Restrictions apply.



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