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Blood Tests
December 12, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

After being inconsistent with your program for over a year, I got serious with the Level 4 program in January. I’m thinking another 1-2 years and I’ve got this disease beat.

APRIL 2003
Viral Load >7,000,000 IU/ML
AST 37
ALT 31
JAN 2004
Viral Load >750,000 IU/ML
(Who knows what the actual number was.)
AST 31
ALT 45
APRIL 2004
Viral Load 5,990,000 IU/ML ( Finally got an exact number. I had to figure out the test number on my own to get it.)
AST 35
ALT 45
NOV 2004
Viral Load 2,690,000 IU/ML ( Went down by more than half in 8 months!)
AST 58 ( How do I bring this back down?) Get a ferritn test and if it is high take IP6. In the mean time, drink more dandelion root tea and milk thistle seed tea, drink more Properly prepared Aloe.
ALT 37

Thanks for the help Lloyd.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Over all, looks very good.

Thank you for keeping me informed

Merry Christmas!




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