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Liver Studies at UCLA
August 3, 2004

You may be interested in knowing that this week I had a conversation with the lead research nurse, Lucy Artenian, who works with Dr. Tong in his liver studies at UCLA.

She cautioned me to be very skeptical about non-traditional treatments b/c many times people who have done so end up in a worse condition (i.e. jaundice and other more horrible results).

She also warned me that many people sell harmful products on the Internet--products that are not controlled by the government with respect to chemical composition, proper dosage, environmental controls to eliminate contamination, etc.

She also told me that some of the Chinese products could prove to be quite harmful, but that Milk Thistle and Licorice are OK.

She further advised me not to do anything without talking with a physician, such as Dr. Goldstein, first.

That is a real Pandora's box that we must consider before taking affirmative action for our loved ones.

Note from Lloyd:

I think the nurse is confused, it is interferon that destroys lives, relationships and health. Interferon is a drug looking for a disease to cure and hepatitis C is not it.

Interferon is the treatment that is worse than the disease.  If one is well read the above scenario is not a hard choice to make. Interferon's do not work and that is a fact.
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