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Wow, Dinner with the President
August 2, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

Your having dinner with the President. That’s impressive what an opportunity. You are making a difference to get that invitation your influences through your efforts are reaching to the top of the establishment. I hope you get some one on one time with him. I think they know the clock is ticking and it’s going to be a really big health issue soon.

I’m sure you know the influence that the pharmaceutical companies have on government policy through the FDA. Inherently I have my doubts about what can be done with pharmaceutical company mega dollars influencing the FDA. But the President sets the agenda for the country and if he wants a policy change he can get it done. Maybe the government with socialized medicine looming in the future is looking for a more economical approach to treatment of the disease. They may be realizing interferon’s inability to stop viral replication and the treatment of its long term debilitating side effects create an infinitely more costly situation for them.

I think they will be looking at the dollars and cents of the situation more than the impact on the health of the people dealing with the virus. Maybe I’m jaded, I would hope they want to do the right thing for the right reasons but I think dollars and cents combined with the political bump they can get from the effort will ultimately control the decisions that they will make.

Were all rooting for you Lloyd you are the best hope a lot of us have ever had, I personally don’t know what I would have done without you and I can’t thing of anyone else I would want to represent this matter to the President.

Good Luck

Lloyd's Photo of Bush @ Dinner


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