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Viral Load up 5 fold after Hep A & B Vaccine
August 29, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

Not that this will surprise you, but I thought I'd let you know. My viral load was 3.5 million IU about a year ago, and a doctor I went to see told me I HAD to get a Hep A and Hep B vaccination. I was a bit ignorant at the time, and believed him. He said it was standard, everyone did it, and I could die if I didn't.

Well, I did it. I just had a blood test, and it is 15 million IU. That's just in case anyone doesn't believe it raises the viral count.

I have recently started your program. Due to lack of money, I am doing the most I can at this point.

I am doing:

Dandelion tea
Milk thistle tea
selenium aller -aid
milk thistle caps
lipoic acid
ester c
aloe (Aloe Force)
Green Tea
B Complex

By the way, is the viral load so high I don't have a chance to get it down?


Best regards,

Hi J:

The viral load will come down but it takes about 9 months to a year before it starts to come back down after the vaccine and it comes down very slow in most cases.

Thank you for sending me this info. I tell people everyday this happens. The vaccine is all about money! A person with hep c has a better chance of getting hit by lighting than catching hep A. I do not see the medical community telling us to carry around lighting rods.

In good health



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