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Maybe prayer is working!
August 25, 2004


I don't know how to explain it but I just got great news from my last blood tests: My ALT went from 171 to 121 and my AST went from 203 to 84 over the past year.

But the best news is that my viral load went from 7,300,000 to 100,000!

My doctor double-checked and they numbers are correct. They were done at Stanford.

The only thing I have done consistently over the past 6-12 months is I doubled up my Ester C and Milk Thistle I get from you, but am only doing 2 tablets of each a day, along with 1 selenium, Vit. E and my regular multi vitamins.

I have had Hep C for 30 years now, and am wondering if the virus is giving up! My doctor says my immune system must be stronger and fighting it off better...but 100,000 seems incredible.

We also did ultrasound on my liver and spleen and the liver is normal and the spleen is on the upper end of normal.

Maybe prayer is working!

Do you have any explanation for this?

J. S.

Hi JS:

A little good nutrition and some immune support can go a long way for some people. My research is pointing toward a well balanced immune system as being the key issue in fighting HCV. Also as far as the viral load goes, avoiding certain prescription drugs is very important. I am writing a paper on it, it will be published soon.

Prayer works, it is essential!

Thank you for letting me know, so many do not.

Thank you



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