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coral calcium rumors
August 24, 2004


I started my program of frozen natcell and herbs 3 weeks ago , and I'm going to get a blood test in 2 weeks.

I went through a year of hell in 2003 on interferon injections , and a'm trying to boost my immune system to recover my loss .I'm at stage 3 of hep-c , and was told this is my last chance and to start a new set of
interferon treatment . I read your book and it gave me relief and pleasure to see the truth from real experiences available to me and the public.

I've been having doubts about the ingredients of coral calcium from rumors
that it's false advertisement. What is the best way of getting calcium , and know that I'm getting the real thing ?

Thank you very much,
D. S.

Ps. I do believe in God and the natural healing from our source, and would never go back to the "good" doctors.

Hi D.S.:

Bob Barefoot was selling coral calcium that had more lead in it that the law allows. That is part of where the bad press came from. Coral has many good benefits and the FDA does not want you to know it or believe it.

I have several kinds of good coral. My super coral is the same items as coral legend, different label so it is less expensive.

Super Coral is the one I would get.

The FDA has rules that say that no one can advertise any product and say anything specific about it unless it is approved by the FDA to be a product that does what one says. I even had to remove my website adress from my own label because the FDA said it was "labeling".

Please do not use interferon again, if it does not work the first time, it is not going to work.

In good health



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