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Peg Intron Ribaviron combo therapy
August 1, 2004

Hi Lloyd!

Well all I can say is that you've been warned about answering emails from people you don't know, but you answered and now I will try to exercise all my self-restraint and not spam you with email. But I do have a lot that I want to share with others and I will try to put together some thoughts, stories, jokes etc. in a postable form and send them to you to dispose of as you see fit.

In my first email I didn't really tell you about my run-in with the Peg Intron Ribaviron combo therapy. Don't let my light hearted mention of it hide the fact that it was hands down the worst thing I have ever done to myself. It kicked my butt and after 5 months the doc took me off it.

That was six months ago. I felt better for a period of time afterward, but now have rapidly lost my energy, stamina and general zest for life. My stomach feels bloated and I can't escape the intuitive feeling that something is badly haywire. I can't continue working much longer and will order the NatCel Thymus and related products in a last ditch effort to re-gain my life, as soon as I work out some details. It's that or go on
disability and wait to die.

I went to a doctor because of years of vague and varied symptoms. I got the diagnosis and did most of my research on mainstream medical sites on the internet. I believed that the combo therapy was my best hope even though I had read the studies and knew the success rate was dismal. I did not really know that there could be complications that would not go away other than suicide. There are serious debilitating consequences. And even now, it is easy for those complications to be blamed on the disease, not the therapy, because the liver controls so many different processes. But I am definately worse off now than before treatment. That feeling of Sheol, of my approaching death, is very sobering.

My experiences with the medical machine were like everybody else's. At its best its a rather mechanical assembly line type of thing, and at its worst it kills people. Hospitals are very dismal if you do not have family or friends to spend a lot of time with you, co-ordinate your care and provide for personal comforts. They have no time for comfort or for pleasantries for a lot of reasons. They think they are doing a lot more than they

This state of affairs is not conducive to health and recovery and hence there is a real attempt to move people through and get them out so they can get better. This is bolstered by the insurance industry's desire to reduce stays and thereby reduce costs. That is one of the main successes of the system, that they have realized that staying in their care too long is dangerous. Do the mechanical work and turn them over to some one who cares.

I believed I was getting to the point in my life where I had something to offer humanity before I went to the doctor or anything. I have always studied people and the human predicament and now I finally feel that I may have some worthwhile observations. In some ways, this face-off with death has been an agent of order in my thinking and certain things seem more definate. Like the value of fidelity, wholesome discipline, hope for the future, faith in a plan, mercy for the mis-guided, the willingness to take any one into your heart, into your family, bearing one anothers burdens, and all the other faces of love. "How can you love the Father if you cannot love your fellow man?" You are doing well and I hope that I can write some things to inspire you and our family in our quest for life.



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