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no detectable virus - but I am sicker
than I ever was before treatment

August 17, 2004


Thats great news, I cannot find a local lawyer to even go after my doc for abandonment much less face a drug company. I am not working now, seems when you are sick a frequently as I am you are not valued as an employee. cant blame them. But as a nurse this is very frustrating, no one can figure out what is going on. At least the Duke doctors are doing tests and seeing me -

so I go back sept 2 to discuss results - my colonoscopy didn't show anything like cancer so we know peg left me with IBS - found out from my med records -

doc didn't bother telling me - gotta love him - but on the bright side I am considered in remission from hep C - no detectable virus -

but I am sicker than I ever was before treatment - I will be having a biopsy soon ( my old doc said I didn't need one since I didn't complete treatment - what a jerk ) But as I almost died from toxicity I feel a bx would be a good idea -

then I want your help in treatment. I don't have a lot of money - but I will find it - I want my life back - It has been over two years since my toxic reaction and I am sick of being sick and being told how grateful I should be for not having hep ( at least not detectible

So can I assume that the lawyers still have my information I sent in? The letter I received led me to believe everything was off = Or was my information just rejected?

B G. Thanks for your help with my friend D C.
( has the 28 year old twins with hep ) we are trying to get the word out here that Peg is poison - thanks


Some of the lawyers just dropped out because there were not enough people signing up to make it worthwhile for them. Patrick is still pursing the suit.

I realize that being sick from interferon is worse than hep c. I know it because I have spoken with over 70.000 people who have used it, including myself. It is the "Treatment that is Worse than the Disease"!

There is a reason that phrase exists. Your doctors are trying to pacify you! They do not want to be responsible for not fully informing you of the horrible permenment side effects of Peg Intron!

Hundreds of people a week in the US alone are damaged and killed by Peg Intron and doctors keep right on prescribing it because they get a $10,000.00 check for each new person they write! ( New York Times, June 27, 2004 )

The Drug Peg Intron is not safe or effective! ( CBER report )

There is a nightmare right here in the US that is as bad or worse than any on the planet earth and the medical community is causing it in the name of money!

Americans are so wrapped up in believing we are the "Greatest in the world" that they do not stop to see money has taken precedence over HEALTH!

This epidemic and the short falls of the treatment have been kept quiet, not heard or known by the average American. It is so unknown that it is scary!

If the American Public knew what is happening to people with Hep C, I would think they would rise up in the streets and shut this WHOREHOUSE DOWN!

Unfortunately, I do not see an end of Big Pharma's control anytime soon.
In good health


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