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I'm in Range
August 15, 2004

Dear Lloyd,

I pray all is well in your life. I was excited for you about meeting the President and have looked for you to tell us all about it. In due time I'm sure. I reuped my meds recently but haven't had a good chance to write until now.

First off, I want to Thank You for giving us heppers a place to buy all we need to make us well at one place we can trust. I do trust you Lloyd, I have seen products cheaper elsewhere but I believe I am getting the best from you at the best price. Although expensive it is paultry to the $2500 - $3500 a month my former Dr. told me it would cost my non-insured self and I am on the job every day getting it done instead of laid up sick from the virus or the poison.

Second, I'm in range,

On 10-20-2003
AST 122 0-40
ALT 297 0-35
viral count 2,481,620 IU/ml

I started the program Nov, 03,

On 12-19-2003,
AST 36 0-37
ALT 56 0-40
the lab messed up the viral count
ferritin 172.5 30-400

On 6-3-2004
AST 26 0-37
ALT 34 0-40
viral count 1,900,000 IU/ml
ferritin 181.1 30-400

I am proud of these results, if anything I wished more reduction in the viral count but I am geno type 1a and if I understand correctly it may be the hardest to cure and a 25% reduction of a virus that is trying with all its might to multiply and possibly kill me is, I think, significant indeed.

I am doing,

Lloyd's TLM 1 vial every other day
NADH 1 every other day
megamulti vitamin 1/day
asorbic acid & rosehips 3000mg/3/day
Thymus org glan 1000mg/3/day
Alpha lipoic acid 300mg/3/day
super siliphos 360mg/3/day
cats claw 565/3/day
reishi mush 525mg/3/day
selinium 200/2/day
olive leaf ext 500 1every other day
calcium complex 2 tblespns/day
aloe vera 8-10-oz/day
dandilion root tea 1/2 qt/day
milk thistle seed tea 1/2 qt/day
hissop tea 1/2 ot/day
cats claw tea 2 cups /day

I have quit meat except fish and some seafood, quit dairy except non fat yogert, quit coffee. I have a multi fruit smoothie for breckfast and as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible. I may miss a dose on ocasion or fall prey to a piece of fried chicken but for the most part do well.

I pray this will help others struggling to keep up the good fight, it works, press on toward the prize. Please let me hear from you and if you can suggest anything to speed the reduction of the viral count.

God bless you Lloyd and the work you do,

Hi D:

This is great news. I want to thank you for sending me your results, so many do not.
Keeping the viral load down is a lot of things to avoid that can make it go up.
Antibiotics, anti depressants, Nexium, viagra, hep a & b vaccine, flu shot, etc will all raise your viral load.

To lower the viral load faster you might try:

Ultra Absorbic C. This product gets 90% into your blood, similar to IV drip. The C you are taking gets less than 10% into the blood.

TLM is designed to be taken every day

NADH is suppose to be every day

Does your megamulti vitamin have iron in it? If it does, get one that does not.
Is your aloe heated?, if you do not get it from me, it is heated. Heated aloe is worthless for hep c.

Olive leaf does not work taken every other day.
You need to take it for 4 or 5 days straight and then stop for 2 or 3 days and start over again, this is very important.

Keep up the good fight!




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