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August 15, 2004


I just wanted to take the time to update you on B.
We received his last blood test results...

Alt 178
Ast 289

If you recall when we talked last we were concerened that his functions were down in March and then up again in May. We discussed the possibility of chemicals that he was being exposed to in kitchen work could be causing the problem as well as ferritin levels. He is out of the kitchen and his levels went back down to where they were in March. The IP-6 is making a huge difference. He seems to have more energy than he has had in a long time.

Hopefully next month we will start to see his liver functions improving even more. He does the Program level 3, all teas, Aloe, erocell, TLM, and IP-6.

Just a quick note about dandelion. We talked once about him getting leg cramps. Just to let you know I ordered potassium to see what would happen. He takes 1 99mg capsule each evening. We put him back on full dandelion, pills and 1 qt a day of tea and he is not having leg cramps.

Thanks for all you do,

Mrs. B. H.


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