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Faxing Blood Work
August 13, 2004

Dear Lloyd:

I had my blood work redone with very good results! ALT, AST and viral loads down and since I have tried very hard to follow your program, I am glad it appears to be working. I have faxed the results for my file.

ALT 32, AST 35, viral load down from 217,000 to 141,000. I have been very diligent with the Natcell Frozen Thymus, and take most of the pills but twice a day, not three times.  I drink the teas alot, I really don't like the aloe, I drink the pure synergy in orange juice though not with a raw egg. That would be very difficult for me to do. I go to the organic food store now, and eat very little red meat. I gave up caffeine!! THAT was very hard and my biggest accomplishment.

LLoyd - some advice. Would you say the frozen thymus is really the key?   What items would you say are really the top priority, although I am sure they are all important. I was doing Program 2 plus the Pure Synergy, the milk thistle tea, the aloe and the Natcell frozen thymus.  I ask because finances are becoming important and I want to maximize at this point. Thanks, Lloyd, I'm very encouraged.

M G.

Hi MG:

I have aloe from the same company that has no herbs in it and it taste better.

There is no single item that is the key. There are however things that works well for one person that do not do as well for another.

Don't make the mistake that the medical community makes, thinking that there is a silver bullet. The program works as a synergy, a combination of items.  This is like fighting a war, you fight on many fronts, you support many different body systems.  I have people who use just thymus and they do not get the results one gets with the program.

In good health


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