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My Trip Washington DC
August 11, 2004

I was invited to Washington DC by the NRCC’s Business Advisory Council and Tom DeLay, Majority Leader. (Paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee)

On June 19, I arrived in Washington DC. I met with some Congressmen and Representatives of Congress. These were casual conversations held at the Washington Convention Center. These people were very nice and listened to everything I had to say.

On June 20, I met with business leaders and some Senators. I made it clear to every one I spoke to that Hepatitis C needs to be discussed in government and that we need a policy on Hepatitis C far beyond what there is now.

I attended the “Tribute to President Ronald Regan”.  Michael Regan spoke to us about his father.  At this function I met Congressman Chris Cox of California. I was accorded many opportunities to mix with Republican Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, top Republican VIP’s, key political operatives and other Republican Leaders and important policymakers.

In the evening of June 20th, I had dinner and attended a reception with Tom Reynolds and republican Members of Congress.

Everywhere I went I made it clear that Hepatitis C needs to be a household word, that people do not know what it is, that people are afraid of it and they need to be educated about it, that it is not a STD and more than just big Pharma needs to be involved in educating the public about the realities of Hepatitis C suffering in the US.

On June 21, I attended the President’s Dinner & Reception.
I wrote a letter about my life crusade regarding Hepatitis C and presented it to the President’s representative.

I did have time to visit several buildings in Washington, D.C. Almost every one was closed to the public. In fact, the only one I remember that was open was the Library of Congress. There were many men in Black suits with machine guns on the streets and in the parks.

There is no lawn in front of the White House, just construction equipment, piles of dirt, and a tall fence.  The lawn in front of the House of Representatives is not very green. It looks very different than it does on TV.

I discovered that members of the house drink hard liquor, not wine or Champagne.

I am hopeful that President Bush will at least mention Hepatitis C in a speech before the 2004 election. I am Proud to be a Chairman of the Business Advisory Council.

If the Democratic Party invites me to any function, I am happy to go.

Please keep in mind they invited me, so I went!   I try to go everywhere I can if it can make a difference in the policy regarding Hepatitis C.

In Good Health
Lloyd Wright

George Bush at the President’s Dinner & Reception

Thanks much for the update.

Eventually the right people will hear you and be moved to action! Thank you for your efforts, not too many people that have the power (right place, time & heart) choose to use it.


Re: can't stand the suspense
Thank you E!
I do appreciate knowing someone cares about what I am doing.


Thanks so much for your response....

I'm honored you answered me personally. My sister will certainly follow your advice.
I will let you know if the magnetic therapy has a positive effect.

I commend you for going to the president and congress, especially against our big corportation, pharmaceutical driven health care are like a mouse facing a t-rex. and the t-rex won't be interested in natural remedies unless they can profit from it.... you are doing remarkable work...thank you for bringing awareness and help to so many.. and remember the t-rex is now extinct, but the mouse lives on....

all the best.

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