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Great Blood Tests
April 8, 2004


A note from SN in Alaska

I've been on your #5 program aprox. 2.5 mo.

If you do this, is the best way to reveiw my hep c test numbers to e-mail them to you? If so,over the last year and a half I've had hep A & B vac. & a flu shot, (2002-spring 2003)  I just read on your web site I should not have done this.  I am a general contractor in Alaska and sometimes work in bush villages, they have a very high percentage per pop. of hep. A & B thats why I had it done, didn't know I had hep c.  I will be 50 in April.  When I was 38 they noticed I had higher than normal ast and alt the Doc said too much beer.  I've had 3 surgerys in the last 2yrs & a internal bacterial infection can't rember the name rather rare it comes from uncooked poultry, was sick for 6mo.

here are my numbers:

ast 45 alt 75
ast 41 alt 47
ast 47 alt 87
ast 86 alt 73
cviral, rna ggt 129
HVC RNA, QN BDNA 7,692,310 IU/ml
HVC RNA QN, BDNA 6.89 LogIU/ml

any comments would be welcome.

Hello Lloyd and Nastia,

I had my iron count done. Iron and total iron binding capacity iron total 75 MCG/DL
Iron binding capacity 316 MCG/DL
% saturation 24 % (CALC)

all the above numbers are the "in range" according to the reference range per the lab report. Any comments?

The other good news is the rest of the report, I really didn't know if I should get the other tests down because I only been using your #5 program for about 3 mo. You can compare the new levels with the levels above.

Blood test 04/03/2004
ALT 25 down 48
AST 33 down 53
GGT 88 down 40
HVC RNA, QN BDNA 2,279,000 IU/ml down 5,413,310
HCV RNA QN, BDNA 6.3 LogIU/ml down .59
I'm not sure what this number means, neither did the Dr. he's a GP he said the specialist I see on wed. will. do you guys know? I'm begining to wonder if I should see the specialist. )

I was really suprised, so was the DR. It's only been a short time!  Any comments would be appreacated. I'm telling all the people I know with hep c, which are quit a few about your web site. Thanks so much and God bless.

Thank you,


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