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A FAQ : Spontaneous Remission,
Viral Load & A Lifetime of Symptoms?

April 8, 2004

Dear Lloyd,

Thanks for your response and I will add the items you listed to the program which I'm now my upcoming order.

Would you be so kind as to answer just a few more questions and clarifications regarding recent your email.

I'm asking you these questions because I can't get a straight answer from the doctor who only wants to prescribe interferon... but says that since my viral load is so low (24,000) that I can wait until after my daughter's wedding in December, 2004, since I'll probably get pretty sick from the treatment but that there's no problem with waiting until next year to begin treatment.

The Doctor also told me that some patients with a low viral load (5% or so) actually rid themselves of the HVC on their own???   Have you ever heard that one?

have you found that your clients with low viral loads are usually are pretty symptom free and do most remain at a low level or do they fluctuate?

I probably have had this for nearly 30 years from a blood transfusion after my
daughter was born in 1974.

by adding the Natcell thymus and the absorbic C and the Cats Claw to the existing program which I am taking -- do you think it's possible to bring the load down even further or better yet -- have some of your clients actually rid themselves of HCV with your program altogether, the way that you've done???

you are free of the Hep C virus, as indicated in your books, but do you still have to take the complete program in order to keep clear of the Hep C virus or can you stop taking the program at some point in time?

and, finally, you mentioned in your email that many people are never the same after taking the interferon and that viral load sky rockets even if it was 0 for a while -- I guess what you're saying is that the interferon really doesn't have any long-term lasting effect for most people but that the herbs and vitamins in your program will give your body the support it needs from natural sources to hold this virus at bay let your body heal itself, the way nature intended, right?

Again, thanks so much, in a world of confusion and contradictions, it's always great to know that you can get some honest answers from Lloyd.

Best regards,

Suppose we all want to get rid of it completely the way that you have been successful in doing.

My viral load is 24,000 -- if I can keep it at that level or possibly lower with the aid of your programs -- do you think I can keep it down and stay clear of any the usual symptoms?

Thanks again and again and again for all your information and support.

P B.

Hi Pat:

1. 15 to 20 % of people with hep c have a spontaneous remission.  The spontaneous remission is not associated with a person who has a low viral load.  If you have had hep c for 30 years, I would definitely not use interferon as what I have seen is that symptoms come on and people who were not sick are then sick, sicker that you want to know.

2. Viral load is not to be associated with symptoms, AST, ALT or progression of disease.  I have known people who died from hep c with a viral load of 200.000 and I have people with no symptoms and a perfect ast and alt with a viral load of 115.000.000, and everything in-between.

I do have some clients that have low viral load, no symptoms and I think they will live out there lives with no problems from hep c. It is the people who were talked into interferon that are in a bad way.  Some people's viral load stay static, some fluctuate.  It is my experience with many thousands of people that if there viral load goes up, it is because something caused it to go up.  It is rare that viral load goes up for no reason as most doctors like to tell people.

3. I believe that the viral load can be brought to non-detected.  Because yours is low, I have found that this is not a indication of it being easier than if it were high.  Many of my clients have become non-detected.   It is impossible to tell how many because so many never tell me. Often I will be answering the phones and talk to people who tell me that they are on a maintenance program because the cleared months back and I am always surprised to hear this because I think it would be something people would tell me. Thinking about it, how often do people call there doctor and tell them they are relieved of the problem they went to see them about?

4. I did not do much for 3 years after UCLA declared that I had no sign of the virus. During that time I was very broke and doing a lot of research writing my first book.  When I found that there is a definite link between primary liver cancer and hepatitis c I began taking precautionary measures.  I think people should use good common sense in diet and supplement with certain items that pertain to there own situation. I take milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day, lipoic acid 300 mg 3 x day and selenium 400 mcg per day.  I also drink about 2 quarts of milk thistle seed tea a day. I do make the other teas and drink a different one about every week. Occasionally I will have some Natcell. If I could afford it I would take it daily.

5. It is a fact that most people who clear the virus on interferon will relapse. Most of these people are not followed by drug companies.  They do not follow them because it makes there statistics look better.

Schering's own study on my website says that the viral load goes up three times higher than it was at base line after relapse. I see it every day. It is heart break for people who are lead to believe that giving up a year of there life is going to be a victory. There are very few that share that experience after interferon.   Interferon intron A, which is the active ingredient in Peg Intron is a chemical synthetic of a natural substance created by the immune system to fight disease. When a human is injected with large amounts of this the immune system shuts down, thinking it is producing too much interferon.   This leaves many gaps in the bodies defense system putting the immune system to sleep.  When one is determined to be non-detected and then stops the interferon, the immune system is sleeping and needs time to rebuild itself, a major task in itself, the virus comes raging back and goes to new heights. I have had numerous people who have done intron A and in there last 3 months gone on my full program. This has worked to stop the virus from coming back. It does not work very successfully with peg intron. Peg intron has lowered the success rate of my program as it takes far more time to rebuild peoples bodies and organs after this unnecessary serious abuse.

6. I think that if you have no symptoms now that as long as you live well you will be great!

In good health



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