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Liver Test Results!!
April 5, 2004

Dear Lloyd:

I have been working very hard over the last six months to take good care of my health and follow your program. I am taking the Natcell Thymus once a week (due to costs) but I pretty much follow your vitamin and herb    program and I drink tea all day long.... I also eat organic foods, do not   drink or smoke and exercise daily. (I do not currently take NADH, Adrenal,  coral complex, colostrum, MGN3 or pancreas or pure synergy but may add  them in the future. Again, I am trying to use only what I feel I need and keep my costs down as much as I can.)

I just got a note from my physician with my most recent test results. (This being the first results since a baseline that was done six months ago when I was first diagnosed and my enzymes were slightly high.) She indicated in her note that my liver enzymes were "almost normal"....!!!!!!! She indicated there was only one result that was just barely over the line and she used an exclamation point! Perhaps, she is shocked herself!!!???? She indicates that the Hep C load was still slightly high. But I attribute this to taking the flu shot and Hep A shot in October. I am expecting these to go down within the next six months.

While I am going to find out the actual numbers, I feel this is great news. I thank you so much, Lloyd.

Your program works.  Again, I work in a major medical center in a big city.   I have access to the best doctors in the world.  
Why don't they listen??

My doctor does not know what I have been doing but I will be telling her.......she is very sweet an does not force interferon on me but did tell me "not to take a bunch of herbs..."'s to health!!!


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