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Re: Hep C and Thymus
April 3, 2004


It has been a year since I originally spoke with you about C and the thymus product. I have been thru all the preliminary tests..biops etc and of course..the only treatment available is the good ole interferon.

Surprisingly though my Doctor here in Atlanta said my liver was the best biospy he had ever taken and I had no scrarring or necrosis. HIs recomendation was that I do NOTHING.. just eat right.. etc. He was not aware of the Nat Cell thymus treatments or their success ratios in comparison to interferon.. and to be truthfull.. didn't seem to warm up to the fact nor wanted to know. He flat out said milk thistle was a useless
treatment and there was no clinical proof to back up its claims of success.  Doctor Rubin w/Digestive Healthcare in Atlanta, Ga.

Anyways..I have decided to try your product and don't know exactly what to expect. I cannot afford at this jucture to purchase the full 120 vile supply as I wanted but I would like to try and stay on some sort of regime to see if I can do something about this virus chewing away at me while I do nothing but wait for the inevitable.


Hi D.S.:

I am very happy to hear that your liver is in good condition, makes everything easier. I am also thrilled that the doctor is not pushing interferon as he has no doubt seen the results.

Doctor Rubin needs to do some reading. There are so many studies on milk thistle that I think it would be extremely difficult to count them all.

One of the characteristics I see with most of them is that they reflect the wishes of the person, group, agency or industry that sponsored (paid) for them.

As a minimum you can use:

Milk thistle
400 mg 3 x day, no reason to wait any longer, a year is long enough
Lipoic acid 300 mg 3 x day
Selenium 400 mcg per day from all sources
Dandelion root capsules 1, 3 times a day. I usually recommend the tea but with your exceptional condition, I think the caps will be fine.

I do think you should drink milk thistle seed tea, 1/2 quart per day or more.
It is very important.

You can take some natcell thymus, some is always better than none.

Also you can try TLM.

Properly prepared aloe (non-pasteurized) 4oz 3 times a day or more.

There is more one can do if finances permit.
Vitamin C to tolerance is always good to fight the virus, absorbic C is best, gets 90% into the blood, others less than 10%.

Reishi is very good, helps your body produce more of its natural interferon to fight the virus.

In good health



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