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Re: Mad- * doctors are insane!!!
April 25, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

I had made an app. to see my doctor in this town up here 3 miles from the sun.. Ridgecrest.. only to find out he is retiring... I did not want to go and see the crazy who wanted to put me on interferon... and told me not to change my diet at all.......... ha* anyway, I have only seen this doctor 2 times back in may and then started to see the one in N.Hollywood... I wanted to just find out my blood work and have another one done so I could compare......... I had your book with me I was going to give it to the doctor after seeing him.... I told the nurse how I was doing alternative med. & taking herbs... she saw your book it was in my hand... the next thing I know............. she walks in and says the doctor will not see you*!!!  Why I asked? because he can not do a follow up........... when I made the appointment I stated how I wanted blood work!  that was fine then... now I do not even get the paper saying I needed some blood work , NOTHING!  HE WOULD NOT EVEN TALK TO ME!  I asked If I could have my blood work from when I was here last year, she acted like she was giving it to me and gave me the lab work I brought in from April... VERY STRANGE... AND A WASTE OF MY DAY!!!  You do have a very strange effect on doctors , I must say........ Ha it is all good* to me... I am going to go and have some cat coffee now and try to de stress and not let this bother me .... just thought I would pass it on... they also gave me another doc to see I will see and get my blood done then on Friday* Life is fun :)

Have a very beautiful day..............peace

Love N Light


Hi C:

I am sorry your doctor is a closed minded tunnel vision drug pusher.

I do supply many doctors all over the world with supplements and books.  It seems that when one of them get hep c or a family member, my program is what they want, not rat poison.

My current slogan is, learn to process stress!

There are classes for this.  It makes no sense to stress, it is something we did not learn right.

Stress kills.  Stress is very hard on the liver.  I think your doctor needs to go to stress class too.

In good health



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