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Re: Liver Transplant was big success
April 22, 2004

Dear Lloyd,

I just returned home from Miami, Florida after a very successful liver transplant.  The transplant was necessitated by the 98% Chirrotic state of my own liver.

My results were nearly perfect. All blood counts are at the correct levels, there were no unexpected occurances, and most of all, I was healthy enough to be home in Las Vegas in 2 months.

The doctors noted that my internal systems were in excellent shape considering the advanced state of the disease.  I explained that I had been on a nutritional regemine for over one year.  I identified many of the supplement and drinks which we bought from you, in addition to continually mentioning the diet.

These are the doctors who told me, when I showed them the list of what I was taking, that none of it would hurt me, but it won't help.

I attribute a large part of my speedy recovery to the 18 months of nutrition, the clean diet I consumed, as well as the one year I was able to use your reccomended supplement, especially the colostrum and the frozen liver enzymes.

If I can assist anyone who cannot decide whether your products are worth the expense, please have them contact me via email.

Thanks for the life saving help,

S. D.
Las Vegas, NV

Hi S. D.

I am so very happy that you did well.  I have had so many clients that
lay in a hospital to die waiting, that I began to believe that no one ever
gets one in time.

I am ecstatic.  I am sorry that my suggestions did not regenerate the liver
you had.  It is very true that people who are supplementing there immune
system will go thru most procedures without as many difficulties.

This is so exciting.

Please do not let the doctors talk you into using peg intron.  I have spoken
with a few people who agreed to be part of a study that used peg intron on transplant recipients.  They are no longer with us.

Please keep me informed.

In good health



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