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April 19, 2004

Thanks for your help.

I have been taking a number of pretty "high tech" supplements such as injectable live cells from Germany, Arginine, and some other products such as ambrotose, but I believe the most effective thing I have taken is the mesenchyme.

Nothing else really impacted a long term tendon inflammation I had until this.  It took about six weeks, and I only took 8 of the 7 ml vials of pure mesenchyme.  But then gradually I felt the tendon getting stronger, it hurt less, etc. and it continued to feel better week after week.

I took a little more later, but the long shot of it is that for the first time in years (since I was injured) I can work out as hard as I can and not physically break down.  It's quite exciting to see improvement again (I'm 53 so my speedy days of personal records are over).  My body is responding to training, and I have essentially no pain.  I don't really have any other health issues (unless being ugly counts as one) so I think I'll just take a series once or twice a year.

I guess on the other issue, with my friend, we should probably see some improvement in a month or two.




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