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Eurocel Concern and Ozone
April 17, 2004

Hi there!

Just a few quick questions .... I did receive my 2 bottles of Eurocel!!!!  Thanx so much!!!! Even the Doctor I go to now hadn't gotten his supplies back in ...  You were a first ... we were all sharing what ever we had left of our stashes with each other at the Ozone Clinic I go to.

Question Number 1 .... why was the Eurocel seized?  Have they had to change the formula?  Is it the same as it was?  

Not a question but a statement .... I have been doing the ozone now for 8 months and have seen a great improvement in some of my bloodwork ... granted I haven't had a AFP done or the Viral Load which I did find odd the Doc's office didn't do .. but perhaps they don't want you to know .... hum ...

I also do something called Integrated Manual Therapy ... plus phlebotomies here and there ..... Im glad I found you years ago ... and even though I don't do everything you recommend .... Im greatful that I never subjected myself to the poison out there I think that might be one reason that the Doctor I am seeing can't believe I have HCV .... (at least by the bloodwork) ....

Thanx Lloyd for being there for all of us ... I think ozone is something that is helping people .... but don't think there is any one quick silver bullet for this horrible disease ... will keep you informed ... As er' Vickie

Hi Vickie;
The ozone therapy practiced in the US, I think is a little different than what is done in Mexico.  Most of the people I have dealt with have had it done in the US.  There were no results worth noting.

At Dr. Hitts Clinic in Mexico, I see results when practiced with my program.  Dr. Hitt, if my understanding is correct does a 30 day program.  One of my clients has done it and lowered his viral load 80%.

Tell me, what is the procedure, what do they do to administer the ozone at the clinic you go to?

As most every American who is awake knows, the FDA has vowed to crack down on supplements.  There are several ways to do this just like fighting the drug war, the US goes to Colombia and kills drug makers etc.

The FDA stopped Eurocel at the door, entering the US as it is made in Korea.

They hold it for a few months.  This causes sever economic hard ship for the manufacture as they have to pay for the product before it is made.  They hold it for a few months.  Some lose interest, turn to different things, the viral load goes back up for most because the vast majority of users only use eurocel.  People on my program do better as they are supplemented with many items.

The FDA disrupts the supply chain, the amount the manufacture ordered the next time was less as they are now sure at some point the FDA will destroy the product and the front money will be lost.

Eurocel should be allowed to be used as an alternative to interferon which it is.  But, not many know about it in comparison to the number of people using interferon.

Why?  HCV diagnoses, doctor, drugs.

Only the thinking and well read concerned human looks for something different than what his deceptive unknowing doctor recommends.

It is exactly the same, no changes were made.  Just a timely delay on behalf of the FDA to remind us that they are here to protect their Pharmaceutical Money!

Lloyd Wright



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