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Re: How Horrible Peg-Intron Really Is!
June 12 , 2003

Hi Lloyd,

My husband was diagnosed with Hep C Nov. 2002.  He went through all the blood work, liver biopsy and many, many dr appts.

Finally in March 2003 was started on the dreaded Peg-intron / Reb treatment. What a nightmare........ He lasted for 8 weeks and got worse and worse.... By the way, he is type 1a, viral load 6.4, mild activity grade 2 and mild fibrosis stage 1. ALT 310, AST 118..

We were told about the side effects, but never, never imagined how horrible it really is.  He had to go on short term disability, could barely getout of bed, headaches, sweats, depressed and really changed to a completely different person.  We did not get much support from, dr office, nursed, etc.

The 8th week of treatment put him over the edge... He calld me at work and was sobbing, talking about how he couldn't go on, etc.... THAT WAS THE FINAL STRAW...... They took him off treatment and slowly is becoming himself again.... The problem is, he still has HEP C.

After reading your book, and reading the message board on your site, we are really interested.... Trying to recoup financially from loss of work and not full pay, what is the basic treatment to start off with that we could afford?  He is willing to try anything except interferon...... The dr is saying he will keep track of his blood work, etc. and see how fast this will progress... Said not to drink, etc..... Your treatment plan is very interesting and gives hope, but we are a little confused as what to start with... Any help would be greatly appreciated......

Thank you and am anxiously waiting your reply

P, P, from Chesterfield, MI

Hi P:

I am sorry it has taken so long for me to answer your email.

I have programs broken down by the price one is able to afford.

They consist of the items I would take if I only had a certain amount to spend.

You can get a good idea from them.

For people who have been on the poison, there are some things that will help one recover.

NADH usually helps.

Natcell Thymus will help and cause things to return to normal faster.

If his platelets are low some Natcell Liver will help them come back to normal as well as the white blood cell and red blood cell count.

Lots of Dandelion Root tea is important to help flush out all the poison which does stay in the system for a long time.

My program will make him want to go back to work.

If you have his blood work, you can fax it to me at 1 310 457 9449.
I then can be more specific.

In good health


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