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What I'd Forgotten
February 7, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

Checking your list of natural drugs I noticed you sell MODUCARE STERINOL and like to let you know that I took it for 6-8 months and was good for nothing....believe me!

I tried almost everything was on the market here, included some herbal pills from a Chinese doctor living in Manhattan (Dr. Zhang)

From his herbs I have got lower values for my liver enzymes (for a while) but prices have been astronomical......... I took his herbs for 16 months, then I gave up.  I was thinking these info could help you somehow.

Best regards and an advice: don't waste your time with people who are nasty! ignore them, don't answer to their messages (nothing hurts more than indifference) and..... keep your way.

Most of people are ignorant, a vast majority of them lost the confidence in anybody because the system made them be like that. You will have a lot of beasts fighting against you, especially medical doctors but you can't change this world and they have no tools to kill the HCV except what the drug companies are making for them.

Did you hear about Dr. Weill?  He left the best Boston hospital because he was sick and tired of medical prectices in the USA, moved to Tucson, Arizona and started to work with natural treatments, written a few books and adios to snobs fellows doctors.  It happened to Dr. Santillo and Dossey too.



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