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Mass Testimonials!
February 18, 2003

2/8/03 KL 45 year old female came by my office to pick up her products, bringing with her the most recent viral load test.  Over the past year her viral load has dropped from 3 million to 500 thousand!  Last month she had a flu shot and her next PCR viral load test showed that her viral load was back up to 2 million.  I have seen this scenario numerous times before.  I am not saying, "don't get a flu shot".  Just don't be surprised when your viral load skyrockets after getting it.  I have found that one of the reasons the Flu, Hep A and B vaccines and numerous other vaccines cause viral load to increase is because a weakened state of the virus is being injected into an already sick system.  This puts additional stress and strain on the liver and causes the poor, sick liver to have to work even harder to process the vaccination.  Another vaccine red flag; they contain Thimerosal.  Not only does Thimerosal contain large amounts of mercury, which we all know is bad, it is linked with the whooping cough vaccine and may be related to autism.  The good news is that a Hep B vaccine without Thimerosal is currently in the works but is not yet available.

2/5/03 LQ called in regards to her husband.  He has been on my program for 5 months.  When he started his AST was at 300, his ALT was 240 and his viral load was measured to be greater than 850 thousand IU/ml.  Oh no, the range test we all dread!  Now, only 5 months later, his AST has dropped incredibly to 58, his ALT is down to 190 and his viral load is down to 6 million IU/ml!  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

1/15/03 A 50 year old male e-mailed me regarding tumors or nodules on his liver. (In a previous e-mail I had advised him to stop using milk thistle until the determination had been made that the tumors were not carcinogenic (cancer). As we know, milk thistle strengthens the cell walls, which can make tumors harder to kill so it was important to ease off for a while.) This is what he had to say.  "When my Varices burst on 11/30/02, I was rushed by ambulance to Yale New Haven Hospital.  They basically saved my life; I had been bleeding for hours and didn't even know it.  But, after that, I was astonished by the incompetence of the hospital management.  The entire medical system is "bankrupt".  You know what I mean.  They kill and permanently damage too many people.  I decided during that hospital stay to retire from my real estate career and spend the rest of my waking hours searching for a cure to both HCV and cirrhosis."

2/14/03 I received another e-mail from GB indicating that he wasn't happy with his recent blood test.  Included in his e-mail were the blood test and an operative report.  It seems that GB had undergone a procedure to "band" the varices to help alleviate the blood loss.  On 1/24/03 his pre-op states: "Grade 1 esophageal varices, significantly improved from his last exam I month ago showing grade 3 varices at that time".  This means that the size, or circumference, of the varices had decreased.  I have been told by doctors that varices are something you can never get rid of.  This is why the banding is necessary.  Considering GB was only on my program for approximately 30 days, this pre-op report indicates an incredible improvement!  Could this be another miracle of Mesenchyme?!?  I think so! Still GB was upset that his ALT & AST levels had risen.  What people forget is that everything you put into your bodies flow through you liver.  The drugs & antibiotics given to him during his banding procedure had put stress on his liver, therefore causing the increase.  I called immediately to discuss these terrible effects of drugs and antibiotics on the liver and his AST & ALT levels.  During this conversation GB informed me that his doctor had just told him that those pesky nodules in his liver were now too small to be biopsied.  Needless to say he is ecstatic and excited to learn more about his healing liver.

Varices-Esophageal varices are dilated blood vessels within the wall of the esophagus.  Patients with cirrhosis develop Portal Hypertension.  When Portal Hypertension occurs, blood flow through the liver is diminished.  Thus, blood flow increases through the microscopic blood vessels within the esophageal wall.  As this blood flow increases, the blood vessels begin to dilate.  This dilation can be profound.  The original diameter the of blood vessels is measured in millimeters while the final, fully established, esophageal varix may be 0.5 to 1.0 cm or larger in diameter.

1/16/03 SSG This patient gave us a very enthusiastic phone call.  She started some of the products first, then upgraded to the "full program" to give it a try.  In 1.5 months she reported that her ALT went from 270 down to 69.  She is soooo happy and feels so much better ever since she went of the "full program". GREAT NEWS!

1/03 SG, 43 year old male, started my program in 2/02 with viral load of 22 million IU/ml, AST 25, and ALT 47.  After one year on the program he called with great news.  His viral load has dropped to 50 thousand IU/ml and both his ALT and AST are in the normal range!  Since then, he has gotten his brother on the program.  SG reports that he, "Feels a lot better. I don't find myself taking daily naps, my memory has improved and in just the last 2 months my short-term memory has improved dramatically. Shering Plough continues to call me on a frequent basis trying to convince me to try PEG-INTRON. Yeah Right".

9/24/02 Retired NY city police officer JM 53 year old male began incorporating some parts of my program.  On 12/21/02 he provided me with a viral load test stating he was at 1 million 980 thousand IU/ml.  On 1/1/03 JM sent us his new viral load test indicating levels at 1 million 70 thousand IU/ml.  His viral load was nearly cut in half in less than 30 days!

1/25/03 CP, female started my program in December 2001.  We have no preliminary blood work on file but a liver biopsy dated 9/18/01 indicated "chronic Hep C with moderate activity and bridging fibrosis (scarring), focal areas have a pattern suggestive of cirrhosis".  Her liver panel on 4/8/02 read AST 42, ALT 39. On 1/25/03 CP faxed us her most recent liver panel showing AST 25, ALT 22 and viral load 5,660.  This is WONDERFUL!
She feels great and is so happy to be well!

2/4/03 This fax from H is just one of the thousands I have received like this.  She is so happy that she started my program and shares, "I feel so good and haven't even been on your program for a week.  In fact, a friend told me yesterday that I looked great.  Said that I actually have color to my face and no blood shot eyes.  It's been too long since I've had a compliment!  Lloyd, I do have color and clarity.  The best thing is that I feel positive instead of dark and depressed.  Thanks!"  Thank you H and this is a great reminder for us all.  Stay positive.  Being optimistic is wonderful for your health and healing so don't forget to SMILE and to be THANKFUL!


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