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Message - May 25, 2000
From:  Debra in Toronto


Hepatitis C is a life-threatening virus.  Doctors are treating hepatitis C as if this were the DARK AGES.  They treat Hep. C patients with Interferon even though this therapy and all its combinations have proven to be a complete failure. Rather than recognizing the value of natural therapies, they recommend to thousands of patients to simply wait for a liver transplant. Many die waiting. Many more die from other complications from hepatitis C, which a liver transplant cannot help. Fortunately, in the 21st century man has re-discovered time proven natural healing.  We, as a culture, are becoming more aware of the fact that we can support our immune systems. We can boost our immune systems to help it achieve what it does best...heal.  I believe that through knowledge and persistence we can achieve optimum health.  Unfortunately it can take time, money and sacrifice to acquire the necessary supplements, but you can’t wait!  The following letter is being published to make this point.  Don’t waste your time worrying about money.  Instead, use your time to make more time. Do something.  Read on...

Hello Lloyd,

Regarding my telephone conversations with you in the recent days-I can’t begin to tell you how much your kindness and compassion meant to me.  Your sharing of information as to what I could do to possibly help my husband while he was in the hospital was sincerely appreciated.  It’s nice to know that there are amongst the human population pockets of truly good, kind and selfless individuals striving to help others without the obvious ulterior motives (and we know what those are).  You are an angel!

My husband passed away last Wednesday, on May 17th.  During the last week of his life my frantic research led me to four different methods of helping his condition, one of which was yours, and all the people involved with these methods were the kindest of individuals.  I felt blessed having made their acquaintance.  But unfortunately it was too little -- too late.  My husband lingered in the hospital for four weeks and so did I.  The nurses managed to scrape up a cot for me and as I slept there each night by his bed, time became irrelevant.

My daughter, who is 21, came up with the idea of having an alternative funeral service for him, which I wholeheartedly supported.  I’ve been a truth-seeker and pursuing the spiritual path for 20 years now and my daughter Jamie is following a similar course (though she’s far wiser at her age than I ever was -- I find many of the young are further ahead in wisdom than many adults ever were at their age).  And so we put together a beautiful service, which we referred to not as a funeral but a “rebirth celebration.”

This became so appropriate since my husband had given myself, and my children, the most treasured of all gifts.  (You must understand here that he was a man of few words, incredibly strong, never complained when he felt pain, and a businessman to boot/ type A personality.  The only time he verbally rattled on was when it involved speaking about his business, which was the audio/visual business.  And as for spirituality and such as seeing through the “veil of illusion”  (I remembered you liked that expression) it was another world for him...But when he went into his first coma on  “Good Friday” we, my daughter and I, prayed like hell hoping to bring him back to consciousness and healing.  Well, Easter Sunday he regained his consciousness.  The following day Jamie had asked her father very casually what he had experienced during his coma.  He looked into her eyes, pulled the covers up around his neck and said very seriously, Jamie I know this might sound crazy but it’s true what they say.  In a flash I found myself in the most beautiful magical world you could ever imagine.  I was dancing and playing and singing.  I have never felt so free and happy in all my life.  It was soooo beautiful.  She then asked if he had seen a white light and he replied, “Oh yes the white light was there, but it was unlike any white light you could ever imagine in this physical world.”  She then asked if he had a choice to come back and he said, “Yes, I did have a choice but I was enjoying myself so much that I really didn’t want to come back.  But eventually everything started to fade and here I am.”  Apparently he confided in her that he had many such experiences but he could only just remember the one to tell her at that time.  This was the gift he gave us, to let us know that his passing didn’t mean him fading off into some oblivion or deep, dark hole.  It was the absolute knowing that he has passed on to some wonderfully, happy, magical world; a world he expressed to Jamie as being “better than Disney world.”  This truly comforts us during terrible times of missing him.  No amount of money could put a price on this.

The guests were informed not to come in black, but lighter colors and we incorporated nature into the service to emphasize the cycle of rebirth.  We had wonderful feedback from all who attended that it was the most beautiful “funeral” they had ever attended.  It was truly and in every aspect a celebration of who he was and a celebration of life, which is something he always wished to do, but which the Hepatitis C deprived him of.

But just the same, with him gone now I feel as if I’ve been jettisoned into the “Twilight Zone”, one moment they’re here and the next they’re gone forever.

Lloyd, thank you so much for your book and all of the photocopies!  I received them in the mail yesterday and have begun to read the book.  Fabulous!!!  I can feel your heart and soul in it!!!!  What a nightmare you experienced and it makes me understand so much more of what excruciating hell my husband experienced all those years without ever letting me know the full truth of what was happening to him.  (I will explain this at a further date; his determination to protect his wife and children became a destructive, misinformed obsession).

Understanding what torture you experienced made me understand why in those days before he entered the hospital it was as if I were looking into the eyes of a drowning man.  He was literally drowning in his own bodily fluids.  The lymphatic fluids that had been accumulating in his body over the last several years had been mistaken for body fat.  His legs became so water logged that he could barely walk and his penis disappeared into his pubic area somewhere.  The poor man was at his wits end wondering why his thighs and legs kept ballooning.  He had constant abscesses between his thighs that would break open and bleed.  His problems were numerous.  It was hell for me because subconsciously I knew he was a dying man (looking into his eyes was torture) and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  But I believe he was quite confused himself in spite of the fact that he knew he had Hepatitis C.  He had a list of more than a dozen doctors he’d been seeing.  Goodness knows what they told him.  It’s all guesswork for me now.  But suffer, did he ever!

I intend at some point to get in touch with you again because I would like to help expose your book to Hep patients here in Toronto.  So when my life and finances are in order, I will order several copies for those looking for the help you offer.  I will mention your name whenever I can, for you deserve it!  I’ll need time to come to terms with this new direction in my life now, so when I’m back on top of things I’ll connect again.

Thanks for being the champion you are!  We need brave men like you, there are far too few in the world today!

Yours truly,


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