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September 6, 2002


Hepatitis C

There are so many unknowns and misconceptions regarding eveythung from transmission to treating this virus... I have seen many articles and shows about interferon and pegylated interferon, but have yet to see anything regarding alternative medicine and the incredible results and relief thousands have experienced as a result of using herbal supplements.

There are literally millions of people worldwide who have been diagnosed, then depending on a multitude of variables such as what their doctor recommends, their particular financial position, insurance coverage, if they are symptomatic, they now have to make a choice about what to do. Unfortunately these same people are not getting crucial information, and they deserve to know before making a decision that can effect them for the rest of their lives.

Then there are the millions that are as of yet, undiagnosed. Some estimates say that 500 million worldwide, with 4 to 8 million in the U.S. alone, are infected with this virus. These are staggering numbers. If it is true that many people live out their lives with HepC, it won't kill them, and that only a portion will get liver cancer or require a transplant, that the only medically approved treatment in the U.S. is a chemotherapy with a very low sustained viral response, a high relapse rate and has devastating side effects that can be permanent,

WHY isn't anyone talking about alternative medicine???I have personally benefitted so much from taking herbal products, I literally have my life back. Lloyd Wright has authored 2 books now, the first being Triumph Over Hepatitis C, which chronicles his own diagnosis and recovery from Hepatitis C. His 2nd book is HepatitisC Free, and was written in response to over 50,000 emails and phone calls he has received from others struggling with the same issues, and recovering just like he did. You have the best resource for reaching millions of people, people who innocently had a medical or dental procedure with improperly sterilized equipment, or received tainted blood, or a polio vaccination, the list goes on and on. There are many who have no idea how they got it, and I passionately believe they are in the dark about the options, and that the cure does not have to be worse than the disease.

Someone has to have the courage to open what some say is a can of worms, and challenge the drug industry publicly. I look forward to a repsonse and would be happy to provide you with any information you need regarding Mr. Wright and how to contact him. He would love the opportunity to appear on your show.

Thank you...
Jane Henson


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