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Hey Lloyd,

My name is C.O., I found out I Had hep c on 1-13-06 from a routine blood test for a physical. My ast was 52, alt 87, hep c antibodies was reactive and the signal to cut off was 20. My doc. suggested I see a gastroenterolist, so I did. Before my appointment date came up I started looking up hep c on the internet, because I knew nothing at all about hep c, and your book came up ( THANK GOD ) from my short experience with hep c I can tell my regular md. didn't know shit about it !!!! He does now , lol, but won't fully commit to your book , but does agree with alot of it ( It's hard to argue with facts ).

Anyway , I went to the liver doc.on 1-28-06 , one of two that was recommended, had no choice really because one DIDN`T take cash patiences, you believe that shit, guess he couldn't milk the insurance co. After being told the first visit was 225.00 dollars, I seen the doc. He looked at my test results , ask a few questions and told me my liver was still working fine because of the Albumin results, 4.0 , he did tell me about my options for a cure, ( I was already holding a interferon pamplet in my hand from the waiting room ) , I did't mention your book to him , and here's what he said... ( to my surprise )..

Mr. O, the interferon treatments are really expensive ( 18 to 20,000 dollars ) and there is only a 50% chance they will work , that I could try some milk thistle, vitamin A , E and some antioxiant boosters and to come back in a year to see him, A YEAR!!!!

He never said how much to take or how often or shit ,,, At this time I had only had time to browse through your book and did't know anything about FERRITIN LEVELS or VIRAL LOAD TEST , or anything else from page 247 to page 250 , undoubtably the doc. didn't either, but I believe he didn't give a shit because I didn't have insurance he could milk !!!! So after I read your book from cover to cover ( alot of it 2 or 3 times ) I made an appointment with my regular cough and cold doctor and I brought your book with me also, I had all the test from page 247 to 250 highlighted, I sat down with him and insisted that I wanted all the test run and also the original test run again, I also had a print out of herbs and vitamins from your pharmacy that I had just began taking , I also ask him to read your book , he agreed to do so then looked at my herb list and said that he couldn't advise me on any of it, because the FDA hadn't did any blind studies on them.

I immeditally responded , but they did studies on VIOXX and many other meds. that are killing people and law-suits are being filed on....he agreed ( what could he say ) ..but said , that in his opinion that for my age ( 44 ) and in good health that I should let those " Liver Boys " ( his exact words ) give me the interferon treatments , that usually only old unhealthy people have bad side effects , but that he knew it was expensive. I told him it wasn't about the money and that I would be back from the bank in 30 min. with 20 grand if he could assure me the treatments would work and that I didn't even care if they had bad side effects, well of course he started crawfishing and told me he would order the test I wanted . He actually had to copy the viral load test abbreviations out of your book!!!!!!

My viral load was 519000 , I asked for a specific #, but on the results it don't say PCR HCV RNA , it says HCV RNA QUANTITATIVE 519000 H ( is this the right test ??? ) Ferritin was 724 ( real high ). ALF was 6.5 (0.4 out of range ).

So I'm getting a abdominal ultra sound on 3-21-06 . AST was 53 ( up 1 from 1-13-06 ) . ALT was 101 ( up 14 from 1-13-06 ). The last test were done on 2-24-06. All other results were in range or good.. I found a blood center in my town that does phlebotomies but has to have a prescription to do them. I'm going ! to try and get my old faithful cold and cough doc. to give me a prescription to do them, when I have the ultra sound done at his office, I know I have to get the FERRITIN to normal before I can expect anything else to get lower. The only reason I know this is because of YOU & YOUR BOOK , and I'm grateful there is someone like you still in this world that will take his BALLS in his hand and stand up to all the bureaucratic bull-shit and the billion $ a year pill pushers and doctors that are brain washing all the weak minded people with T.V. commercials and magazine ads.

Lloyd, I started taking IP-6 ( 6 PER DAY ), AND drinking milk thistle TEA and dandelion TEA , I have one question , will it hurt to mix it with orange juice or something,,man that shit has a nasty bitter taste

Thanks for everything your doing!!!!!!
Picayune, MS.

Dear Lloyd,

I read your book (and several others about Hepatitis C) and just received your minimal program today. When I placed my order the helpful staff person told me I could fax my blood tests and you would go over them and advise me further. I wish I could afford to buy a more expensive program but my funds won't allow for that at the present time. I am really interested in your thoughts on my situation. If it would be that much more beneficial to step up to a higher program, maybe I could save some money somehow.

Anyway, I go to the Liver Center at St. Francis every 3 months. Did the interferon thing from mid-December 2004 to mid-March 2005. They took me off of it because they said my numbers weren't improving enough. I am glad though because it is amazing how much it changes every aspect of your body emotionally and physically (for the worst).

Last November 2005 my internal MD suggested I try an herbal approach and said to start taking Bupleurum daily which I did. Then I started buying books and looking for better answers when I found your book. Today when I went to the Liver MD (Nurse practitioner actually, the head guy Dr. Naoki Tsai is always too busy for us regulars) she made a comment when she read that I was taking an herb supplement. "They highly frown upon herbs because " they haven't been tested enough". After that comment I wasn't about to reveal my plan about your treatment to her. They will just have to see that my numbers have improved (hopefully) when I go back in 3 months. What if any improvements can I hope to gain from the minimal program?

I have changed my diet completely since January 1 and am amazed at how good I feel. I buy only organic and don't eat meat anymore. I exercise 5 days a week, treadclimber and alternate days of weight workouts. I am really trying to do everything I can to improve my situation. I don't have any really bad symptoms like a lot of the people in your books but it is important to me to do everything I can.

I appreciate you taking your time to help me out. You have inspired me even further with your story.

Mahalo, Susan B .

Dear Lloyd,

I recently came upon your book, i was going to say by accident but i don't believe to much in accidents. I am only on page 66 but i know already your book is a gift. On the off chance that your treatment for Hep C doesn't work and i already believe it will it was so wonderful to have some verbalize the frustration of dealing with the medical field. I am a single mom with RP (retinitis pigmentosa), so legally blind, have Hep C, Had B and now have the anti body for that.

Being poor certainly adds to the level of treatment you get. I've had so many experiences with doctors who "know it all" never take into account the fact that I am a fairly intelligent woman with a very good sense of holistic health practices. Unfortunately i am one of the people who contracted Hep from IV use. You think you get treated bad with the other stuff all going on try throwing that one in the mix.

I just really wanted to thank you expressing your experiences and feelings and sharing them. Apparently this book was written several years ago so my prayers are with you that you are still in good health.

Thank you again Dawn H .


First let me say thank you for carrying out this research, I am 38 years old and have had Hep C for the last 12 years. My ALT's are in excess of 200 and I am not feeling very well at all. I received your book the other day and haven't put it down since. In 1998 I completed a 6 month Combination Therapy of Interferon and riboviron and as I found out in your book the same thing happened to me as everyone else in that once I stopped the treatment the virus returned.

A couple of Months ago I was selected ( lucky me ) for the Peg-Intron trail they are running in Queensland Australia. Well after reading your book I now know what to tell them when they ring for my next appointment. I'm never going to go through that again, this time they wanted me to stay on
the poison for 18 Months, ( that would kill me ). Since completing my last course in 1998 I have been in a dark place, my wife is a very strong person who has stuck with me battling my depression and alcohol abuse since starting interferon. I don't know what bad effect I have had on my two very young children but it can't be good.

Anyway since reading your book I have a new lease on life, there is a big giant light at the end of this very dark tunnel and its called Lloyd.

My question is that I want to get started asap and I want to know where to start and is it financially better for my to order my cure through you or should I try to source these vitamins in Australia?

Thanks again Lloyd you are the closest thing to GOD that I have at the moment.

Bless you.

Dear Lloyd,

I am an African man of 54 years of age. I was diagnosed of Hepatitis C in January. Before that I did not know that I had this disease. What led to this diagnosis was that my liver function left a lot to be desired though I had no symptoms like tiredness and things like that.

GOT was about 60 - whatever that means.  The doctor was talking of frightful costs and side effects of interferon. I was very scared.

After that, I delved into the internet and came across your website and bought your books. Initially, I was skeptical about your story but after trying both the Minimal and the Level 3 Progams, I am now absolutely convinced that the efforts you invested into this previously uncharted territory is paying dividends through helping other people like me.

I would go to the ends of the earth to tell your story to other people.

May God the Fountain of life give you long life to help those who are who intimidated by doctors.

Go forth companion - the way forward shall glimmer in the mind!

Best Regards,
T. M.

Hello Mr. Wright,

I am just sitting here in a state of awe, after reading and rereading your book.

First I just can't believe that after your transfusion in 1979, that it took until 1993 for you to finally find out that you were in fact infected with hep. C.   Then on Oct. 5th 2001, ALT 13, AST 17 is just absolutely amazing!

I must admit that I consider myself a very intelligent person and that this diagnosis has plunged me into an all consuming search for some kind of cure.  After learning about interferon I was just appalled at how this 'menace' is being prescribed by people who really just have no idea what there really doing to people.  NO!  We are not living in the dark ages.   After reading several books before yours, and learning that it is incurable, I had lost all hope and simply began planning my demise.

Now I am filled with optimism and even a sense of wonder in learning about the various herbs and products that are going to help me in my recovery.  I must say that you are TRULY DIVINE.  It must have been an enormous task to compile all these various plants and medicines into a working program that has actually cured people.

I was very excited when you replied to my e-mail, and the more I investigate what these products will actually be doing to me, the closer I feel  to a sense of godhead.

So lets begin: I have just been diagnosed on 10/02/03.

ALK = 151
AST = 40
ALT = 54

I noticed your ALK was never higher than 115. Should I be concerned about this?  What is GGTP?  I know my numbers are relatively low right now.  But if I don't begin a program soon I know those numbers could skyrocket.   You see I'm the type of person who is very sensitive to disease and illness.  That's the only way I can explain it.  But on the other hand I also have a very high tolerance to medicine.  So lets say what you would take one of and have a  great effect, I would need 5.  That is why I feel that This disease is going to kick my ass - quick.  Also I feel that I am going to need to be on a "HULK" program to win this battle.  But it seems that you have more expertise in treatment, and I am hoping that you could guide me on the best possible course of treatment right now.   In my mind I feel that I need every product available in the remedy.  Now heres the funny part.  I was just laid off from work three months ago so it is going to take just a little bit of time before I can afford what I want.

I knew something was wrong with me this year. I have days that I can barely get out of bed, and my hyetal hernia is always acting up.   Some-
thing that hasn't flared up in years.

I know I am not nearly as sick as the trauma you endured. But we both know what is just right over the horizon, and I am truly afraid for my very life.  I am 40 years old with a seven year old daughter.  My wife has made
it very explicit that our relationship is changed forever ...unless.

I figure that it is going to cost me between 600 to 700 dollars every other month, maybe more.  I can afford about half that right now.  So I am
anxiously waiting what your recommendation is for me right now.

I thank you so much for any time and effort you extend for me.
Please tell me I am not going to be dead in 8 months.
I had so many plans for the future...

From a truly grateful friend. May GOD be with us all.
R. G.

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October 18, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

Since receiving your books (just yesterday) and spending time on your website, I feel like I have to join in this fight against the toxic medical practices in the world.   I have decided to study holistic healing and acupuncture.   I have already applied to Emperor's College and I thank you for the inspiration.  If you have any suggestions as to good natural healing
schools, I would be grateful for your input.  The help and elightnment you have provided for so many is very moving (and reassuring).

Love and peace,

December 13, 2001

At last, here is a humanitarian author who isn't afraid to generously give us an effective alternative treatment plan for conquering an insidious illness. It can be done! What's more, I can't praise this book highly enough for the honesty and loving concern it offers to Hepatitis C sufferers and their family and friends. Mr. Wright deeply cares about eradicating this disease and helping its victims get back on the right track to good health. For those of us who have been "the doctor route" and become disillusioned with America's money-oriented healthcare system, Triumph Over Hepatitis C extends a huge dose of comfort and support. Better still, the book recommends a viable alternative treatment plan for a major viral epidemic, something that has so far stumped our show-and-tell, high-tech medical "experts". Further, Mr. Wright's forthright style of communicating speaks to the reader's heart. It is a welcome relief from waiting in the doctor's office, knowing that the "family physician" is only interested in communicating with your pocketbook.

By sharing Mr. Wright's own shocking, near-death personal experiences, we readers can better understand what motivated him to seek and seek and obsess until he put together a nutritional health formula that worked for him. Now he is "Hepatitis C Free", the ideal name for his website. And he has the goodness of heart to want to share his health formula with the world; not everyone would be unselfish enough to bother. Why, it's enough to make you take the power back and know that YOU can be your own best doctor!! After voraciously reading Mr. Wright's book, I will never again let a physician tell me "there is no cure" for anything. I am amazed that this man who has been through so much of his own intense personal suffering can be so upbeat and dedicated. It is a humbling reminder to us all never to take good health for granted.

Mr. Wright's unequivocal desire to help people rid themselves of this disease gives us all hope that we can rise up and decide which healthcare treatment is best for us, without being intimidated by what doctors tell us and expect us to take as unquestionable law. I do not personally have Hepatitis C, but I am vitally concerned with the sick state of our American healthcare system, pardon the oxymoron. And I do have a couple of friends with the disease, friends who are hungry for alternative treatment solutions, friends who are frightened of the devastating side effects of the "new and improved" drugs on the market, drugs that keep the stock market alive more than patients.

Mr. Wright's book is well balanced in that it touches on the many repercussions of battling this socially unacceptable disease, such as trying to sustain a livelihood, dealing with the social stigma and ignorance, and maintaining a sense of humor and determination through it all. That's another thing: Mr. Wright's delicious sense of humor will sneak up on you just when you think you are in the pits of Hepatitis-C hell.

Bravo!! More, more! I am eager to see how this all comes out. Triumph Over Hepatitis C and the people who read it are part of an alternative healthcare movement that could cause a big avalanche! WARNING: This book could be good for your health.

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The Sunday Malibu Newspaper'

August 26, 2001

By Robin Hemingway


Normally books on Alternative Medicine are boringly written, although they profess to tell you something that is good for you and your body. This book, however, after the obligatory forewords, begins like a Hunter S. Thompson ('Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas') tract of frightening dimensions and slowly, slowly levels out into a Dr. Feelgood text that anyone who has ever experienced the pain & suffering of Hepatitis 'C' sufferers at close range (if not one themselves), can benefit from.

Wright relates how a severe accident & the blood transfusions thereafter resulted in him contracting the deadly Hepatitis 'C' - His list of the illnesses & maladies to follow, kicking in like falling dominoes, reads like a 'Who's Who' of Nightmare. His accident (read the book for details), which occurred in Malibu in 1979, was the beginning of a trip into the Black Hole of incompetent doctors and well-meaning nurses who didn't know themselves what they were looking for that would make him well again. Tested for Hepatitis 'C' in July 1991 (the conclusive tests to determine the existence of Hepatitis 'C' in a person's body were only achieved in September of 1991!), his results were negative. Still trying to rid himself of a baffling sickness, in 1994 he made regular weekly visits to a blood bank where his blood was sucked out and supposedly discarded as toxic waste. Murphy's Law kicked in, and this discarded blood mistakenly appeared one day on a shelf with donation blood and was randomly tested. The blood bank sent him a form letter two months(!) later, saying they could no longer accept his blood for donations (!) because he had Hepatitis 'C!'

Lloyd Wright has changed his food consumption and lifestyle considerably since 1994. The result has been his saving himself from almost-certain death. In his book he lists the elements (Milk Thistle, Live Cell Therapy, Cats Claws, Dandelion Root, Aloe Vera, Licorice Root, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Reishi Mushrooms, etc.) which saved his life, and warns against items which could take (Hospitals - The 8th leading cause of Death in America!) your life. The book is available through Barnes & Noble, or Lloyd Wright Publishing, P.O. Box 6347, Malibu, California 90264. There is a toll-free telephone: 1-877-676-1615. If no one answers, you hear a young woman's voice that says, "Welcome to Hepatitis-C-Free, your Alternative Medicine Pharmacy. We are probably on the phone....."

Pushing the pocket bigger, Lloyd Wright has been invited to speak at the 29th Annual Cancer Conference to present his views on Alternative Medicine, his results and present several of his 'clients', who will also be in attendance. To be held at Universal City's Universal-Sheraton Hotel over the Labor Day Weekend (1,2,3 September 2001, $25. daily), Wright's findings are sure to open up some previously closed eyes, ears and minds. 

Order The Book!

July 15, 2001

It is not often that one is fortunate enough to be helped and guided by someone whose intentions are truly altruistic and from the heart. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon Lloyd Wright's book and now have even more confidence in its healing suggestions after having met the author myself.

Having 'procured' the Hepatitis C virus from a blood transfusion at age 13, I only discovered that I was carrying this deadly killer in my blood, about a year ago at age 32. Not yet sick enough to be tempted to even try the frightening Interferon, I felt frozen and powerless in what I could possibly do. I had avoided alcohol since diagnosed, yet my liver level enzymes were still increasing way beyond normal. By chance, someone handed me Lloyd Wright's book and feeling I should become a bit more familiar with what I now have, I casually began to read his words and soon found myself unable to put it down. In fact, after finishing the book, I immediately phoned Mr. Wright (even though it was 2:30 am!) because I felt certain that from what I had just read, he could very well be my ticket to health through a self-empowering, natural, positive healing regimen. Despite his chaotic schedule of a life now entirely devoted to helping others 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, he kindly acquiesced after my insistance to come and see him right away. I found Lloyd Wright to be a beacon of light; he has spent more energy, time and effort educating himself fully on all aspects and all treatments for Hepatitis C. Rarely do we meet people such as Lloyd, who truly know what they are doing and care enough to help others. He is a guide, an angel, a healer and a gift to anyone who has Hepatitis C.

I have only just begun the treatment, but I can already feel a new energy, a positive perspective and I have total faith in what he prescribes. Additionally, the herbs he recommends are organic, beneficial and life-enhancing... where's the harm? There is none. Only a journey to health.

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Sharon from Covington, Tennessee
June 22, 2001

Reading Triumph Over Hepatitis C has given me a whole new outlook on life and a new life. In Dec. 2000 I was diagnosed with Hep C. I was fatigued, depressed, confused and losing my hair. I went for a check up and sent to a liver specialist. My Liver Specialist? Said the only successful treatment was interferon. He explained the treatment, the dreadful side effects and the high rate of recurrence of the disease. Not encouraging at all! He suggested as I was only experiencing mild symptoms at this point to come back to see him in 6 months, unless symptoms worsened. Well, he was the specialist after all, so I decided to wait and see what this silent killer was going to do to my body. In May 2001 I began researching the web for a cure for my brothers prostrate cancer as I heard there were alternative treatments to surgery. I came across P C Spes and Lloyd Wrights Website Of course I checked it out. I ordered the book and started taking some of the suggested herbal supplements and modifying my diet. I began noticing a difference within a week of the way I felt. I had follow-up blood work done June 14, 2001. My Hep C viral load by PCR dropped 400,000 points, my GGT has dropped 60 points, my ALT dropped 11 points and my iron serum level has dropped 78 points. This in less than one month of only taking some of the supplements that help your body produce its own natural interferon. I highly recommend, first, if you have not been tested for Hep C to get tested, it is a rapid growing epidemic, and second research this disease and read this book. Our so-called liver specialist knows little about this silent killer. As I said, it has changed my life. I am no longer tired all the time, I am sleeping through the night, my thought processes are clearer, and Im no longer losing my hair. I am looking forward to my next blood test. Get this book and start your recovery today!

Order The Book!

Taken from book reviews, June 22 2001.

A Belated Thank You
Feb 06, 2001

Mr. Wright,
You sent me your manuscript "Triumph Over Hepatitis C" last year when I was undergoing Interferon-Ribavirin treatment.  You got my address from a room mate that was working a Tele-marketing job and he was speaking to you as a client and the subject of Hepatitis C somehow came up and he told you that I was undergoing treatment and was sick, miserable, and hating it.  I read your manuscript and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I must say it was also entertaining and amusing as you told your story with humor, wit, and sarcasm.    I was on the treatment for only six months as was recommended for my genotype.  Yes, it was hell and it ruined my life.  I still don't know if I am a sustained responder (their term for successful treatment) because my doctor would not test my viral load (PCR test) until six months after treatment ended and my insurance had run out by that time.  I will eventually get  this test but I am in no hurry because if the treatment was not successful I would not redo the treatment at this time.  I had loaned your manuscript to a few other people with Hepatitis C and just received it back today and I just wanted thank you for taking the time and effort to share your experience with a fellow treatment sufferer.

I thank you for your story and thoughtfulness.

Order The Book!

As taken from customer review 8/22/00

I've seen my dear friend go from standing on death's door to being a vital and healthy man again.  He did it by following a program that he has since written into his book, Triumph Over Hepatitis C.  Having been in the rock and roll business in the crazy 70's, I witnessed a lot of abusive behavior by people I admired.  Some of those people are no longer with us but many of them, like Eric Clapton (who's band I was in for 4 years), turned their lives around and totally cleaned up their acts.  Without the help that's available to people who need it and ask for it, I doubt many of us would have succeeded.  For alcoholics and drug addicts there is AA and NA, and various other support groups.  For people with Hepatitis C there is good proven advice in Lloyd Wright's book.  If you know anyone who is suffering from this devastating health problem, before you even go near Interferon, try everything else you can to help-including getting this book for them.  As I have seen in my friend, it WORKS!  Sincerely, Yvonne Elliman

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Recovery from Death's Door
Reviewer: Lyly Duguay, PhD. from Malibu, CA. USA. January 25, 2000

I have known Mr. Wright for a number of years. I observed first hand his  struggle with the ravishes of Hepatitis C and his frustration with the ignorance  and arrogance he experienced with traditional medicine establishment, just as he  describes in his book. I saw how sick he was, and I thought he would die. He  describes this in detail in his book. I also saw the effects of the healing  process he went through, and how he has recovered. Mr. Wright felt compelled to  share his Triumph Over Hepatitis C with lay people so they might benefit from  what he learned and practiced without their going through the agony and great  financial cost that he experienced. His book is not a treatise on Hepatitis C;  but an account, often times humorous, of his perilous journey through  traditional approaches to discovering and practicing an alternative and holistic  approach with herbs, foods and other natural supplements. His book, Triumph Over  Hepatitis C, is a "no holds barred" authentic account of an ordinary human being  in his struggle for survival. Not only does he document the struggle, but he  also lists specific remedies. Throughout the book, the author is able to  interject a sense of humor and hope into what would otherwise be just a factual  account. I witnessed Mr. Wright's going from being at death's door to becoming  well. I have read his book more than once and recommend it for everyone who has  hepatitis. The book is also good reading for anyone who enjoys brutally honest,  extremely funny true life adventure.

Order The Book!

Alternative Medicine solution for  Hepatitis C
Reviewer: Dr.John  Finnegan from Malibu, Calif. USA January 15, 2000

I reviewed Mr. Wright's book Triumph Over Hepatitis C Prior to publication and  conferred with him on the published edition. I have read the entire volume. Mr.  Wright was a patient of mine beginning in 1996 and I worked with him in  developing the remedy he describes in Triumph Over Hepatitis C. Mr. Wright  describes in his book his condition prior to being diagnosed and presents a copy  of his liver biopsy showing chronic hepatitis c as well as significant liver  damage from cancer, radiation and chemotherapy. In accordance with his biopsy  results his liver enzymes readings were AST panel at 210 (1-41 normal) and ALT  panel at 245 (0-45normal). He was bedridden, and he could not tolerate  interferon treatment which he describes in a brutally honest and gut busting  fashion. Through the coarse of the book he describes the good nutritional program  along with a concentrated effort to take everything in the remedy he describes  in his book, he started to feel much better right away, and a year later he was  healthy and virus free---they couldn't find the virus in him. He has been  hepatitis c free for almost 3 years and has liver enzyme readings of AST panel  at 23 and ALT panel at 12 which he displays copys of. Mr. Wright's account of  the events he encountered from contraction of hepatitis c to his complete  recovery and the remedy that saved his life is a must read for anyone with  Hepatitis C, cancer, HIV and aids. This is a true patient to patient testimonial  which can save new patients a lot of disappointment, trouble and money. It is a  good story that gives real hope for the patient with dire diagnoses. It would  not surprise me if this book is made into a movie in record time.

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