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NatCell Mesenchyme



A unique and unusual substance called Mesenchyme has arrived in the USA with little notice or fanfare; however, you will be hearing a lot about it in the years to come. Mesenchyme will revolutionize the way we handle health problems because of its astonishing and well-documented ability to repair and rejuvenate damaged cells and tissues. Mesenchyme is undifferentiated embryonic connective tissue, the true mother lode of cell growth and cell regeneration. Mesenchymal cells develop during the early embryonic stages of mammalian gestation and are the source material from which most of the body's organs and tissues are made - everything from bones, muscles, and connective tissue to the central nervous system (Moore 1989).

What is extraordinary about Mesenchyme is that when it is ingested it migrates to the area of greatest injury in the body. Once there, it aligns itself with the damaged cells and/or tissues, becomes identical to them, and then starts replicating.

Mesenchyme's Little known Facts (PDF)

Mesenchyme: Little Known Rejuvenating Healer

Potential application:
Helps in supplementing the system with stimulating factors extracted from mesenchymal tissues.

Potential mode of action:
The molecules selected through our manufacturing process support their natural endogeneous counterparts once absorbed in the body thus contributing to the body's homeostasis.

Recommended doses (sublingual administration):
1 vial per week

Product characteristics:
Manufactured according to the requirements of GMP standards for foods Frozen until its use in order to preserve the structure and properties of the proteins 100% pure and natural. No preservatives are added. Available in formats of 8 vials of 7 ml each Aseptic according to USP XXIII standards Each extract is composed of low molecular weight peptides (less than 50kDa) providing a better absorption through the oral mucosae.

This product may not be suitable for 1) pregnant or nursing women; and 2) children under twelve years of age.

Due to the recent problem with the madcow disease,
the FDA has inspected and cleared our Natcell products for sale.

FDA Clearance No. 110-3122937-2


Certified MadCow Free

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