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The first mention of the dandelion as a medicinal plant was in writings by Arabian physicians of the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries. Today dandelions are cultivated primarily in India as a remedy for liver disease.

The dandelion is a perennial plant found almost everywhere, to the dismay of many. Its properties and uses include: aperient, cholague, diuretic, and tonic.

In his book The Herb Book, John Lust writes:

Dandelion Root           The dandelion has two particularly important uses; to promote the formation of bile and to remove excess water from the body in edema conditions resulting from liver problems. By acting to remove poisons from the body, it acts as a tonic and stimulant. The fresh juice is most effective, but dandelion is also prepared as a tea. An infusion of the fresh root is said to be good for gallstones, jaundice, and other liver problems. (49)

While I was undergoing radiation therapy for cancer, my liver count alarmed the doctor. He insisted I must be a drug addict and severe alcoholic. I begged to differ with him. On several occasions he argued with me, attempting to get me to admit something that wasn't true.

My mother, a health food fanatic of the 1950's, always told me dandelions were good for my liver. When I remembered what my mother told me about dandelions, I began drinking two quarts of dandelion tea a day. I told the Oncologist, and he insisted that there was nothing I could take that would lower my liver count. That I should just stop drinking and using drugs.

After one month of drinking two quarts of dandelion tea a day, my ALT count dropped fifty points. Since then, I've been taking dandelion root everyday.

During my treatment I took:
One 500 mg. organic dandelion root capsule three times per day.
I also made dandelion root tea and drank one quart every evening.

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