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For centuries, alfalfa has been referred to as "the father of all foods." Alfalfa was first cultivated in Persia, and then in 500 B.C., it was then taken to Greece. Alfalfa spread until one day in 1854, it arrived in San Francisco, the American incubator of all good herbs.

Alfalfa has a very unique and distinctive quality that sets it apart from most other plants. The root system of the alfalfa plant reaches thirty feet deep into the soil. This allows the plant to access a large quantity of un-depleted nutrients, salts, and other necessary elements, while most other plants simply don't have this advantage. The leaves of the alfalfa plant contain the eight essential amino acids and ten non-essential amino acids. (Refer to Appendix D for a list of ingredients).

Alfalfa is useful in the treatment of arthritis, urinary tract, kidney and bladder infections, as well as prostate disorders. Alfalfa alkalizes and detoxifies the body, especially the liver.

Studies have shown that alfalfa has inhibited the growth of viruses such as herpes simplex. L-canaverine, a non-protein amino acid, found in alfalfa leaves and roots, has been shown in animal studies to have anti-viral properties and be effective in controlling leukemia and cancer cells.

Alfalfa Leaf Ingredients

Amino Acids:
Beta Carotene Chromium Arginine
Vitamin B-1 Calcium Alanine
Vitamin B-2 Copper Aspartic Acid
Niacin Iodine Cysteine
Vitamin B-6 Iron Glutamic Acid
Vitamin B-12 Magnesium Glycine
Pantothenic Acid Manganese Histidine
Folic Acid Molybdenum Isoleucine*
Biotin Phosphorus Leucine*
P.A.B.A. Potassium Lysine*
Inositol Selenium Methionine*
Choline* Sodium Phenylalanine
Vitamin C Zinc ProlineSerine
Vitamin E   Threonine*
Vitamin   Tyrosine
(Phylloquinone)   Valine*

*Denotes an essential amino acid Pigments: Chlorophyll, Xanthophyll

During my treatment I took:
One gram of alfalfa two times per day.

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