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NADH is an incredible supplement, especially for those of you who have undergone the unfortunate use of interferon. One of interferon's best-known side effects is to interfere with the neurotransmissions in the brain stem. In this area of the brain there are approximately fifteen billion brain cells. The messages that come in through your five senses and other important bodily functions are transmitted between these cells by neurotransmitters. Page One of Schiff Supplement Facts reads:

NADH is required for synthesis of neurotransmitters, which explains its effects on maintaining healthy mind and mental functions. NADH is the co-enzymatic form of vitamin B-3. NADH is involved in production of energy in all cells.

In my case, interferon devastated these transmissions so much that I could not draw a simple line between numbers on a test given to me by a state-appointed neurologist/psychiatrist. He explained to me that the use of interferon has resulted in symptoms very similar to those of the Gulf War Syndrome.

During and ever since my exposure to that toxic garbage (interferon), my ability to cut a straight line with my skill saw has been eradicated. My once perfect ability as a master carpenter has been erased forever.

NADH is the driving force behind cellular energy production, and it is a very important - if not the most important - antioxidant. It protects your body from free radicals and the ravages of the aging process. It also enhances the capacity of your immune system and protects your cells from damage by toxins and environmental pollution. It increases brain functions and cognitive capabilities. In addition, NADH protects the liver from alcohol damage, prevents the alcohol-induced inhibition of testosterone biosynthesis, normalizes cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and offers protection from certain toxins such as the AIDS drug AZT and other carcinogens without depleting the positive effects of the drug.

NADH is directly involved in the cellular immune defense system. Special white blood cells, called macrophages, are responsible for the direct elimination of foreign bodies, such as bacteria, viruses, and molds. They literally capture these foreign bodies and then degrade and eliminate them. This phenomenon is known as "metabolic burst" and it appears to be the first and most critical step leading to the destruction of foreign invaders.

NADH is present in all living cells. Meat products, fish, and chicken contain the highest amounts. Vegetarian food items contain much less.

Food preparation destroys most NADH and then digestive process destroys even more. Therefore, supplementing with NADH is very helpful in many disease states such as hepatitis C and very important when using "Modern Medicine."

I strongly recommend NADH for all who suffer from hepatitis C. Try it and you'll see why.

During my treatment I took:
One 2.5 mg. tablet of NADH each morning on an empty stomach.


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