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Were You Damaged by Schering's Interferon?
May 15, 2004

Hi Lloyd:

Well, things are finally coming together for this class action suit! From what I understand, we now have many people signed up.

I, personally, now receive about 40-60 emails and 3-6 phone calls EVERY DAY from people out there who have been injured by PEG-Intron/Rebatron. This treatment affects different people in different ways. I have talked to people who have gone blind or deaf, have muscle/bone/nerve conditions, diabietis, thyroid problems, on and on.

Thank you for all your help. Please continue to refer people to either Patrick Catalano at 619-233-3565 or myself at or 707-537-7871.

Annie G.

If you have been damaged by interferon you should help straighten out the manner in which it is prescribed.

By filling out the form below, you will be represented by the most competent attorney's in this field.

You can help others in the future to be properly informed as to the success rate and the warnings.

You can help yourself by being compensated for the damage done to you by this treatment that is worse than the disease. You can bring the truth out, the truth that interferon is a drug looking for a disease to cure and hepatitis c is not it!

This class action suit is perhaps the best effort we can make in our fight for public awareness of Hepatitis C!

After all, we all know about Erin Brocovich, Ed Masery, her attorney has joined with my attorney, Patrick Catalano to sue Schering Plough in a class action suit involving interferon and its disabling side effects.

If you have been damaged by schering's interferon or peg intron, fill out the form and mail it to the address on the form.

If you have any questions, send me a email at
Lloyd <at>
or call 877 676 1615.

The goal is not to go against your doctor or a hospital.
This is a class action suit against the manufacture, Schering Plough.

Lloyd Wright

Were you damaged by Schering's interferon?
If so, join us on our Crusade to bring Schering to Justice
Fill out this form and send it to Patrick Catalano.

Hi Lloyd & Felisa:

You were right about Patrick. He has been quietly working like a mad-man behind the scenes.

I guess tomorrow, he is signing up Ed Masry (Erin Brockovich), to join forces with us.

I understand that he has enlisted the both of us to come up with a bunch more names by tomorrow. I hate it when I feel like I have an "impossible mission", because I hate to fail any mission! I have put out about 100 emails and have had just a few responses. In the meantime, I just got a computer up and running, since my other one's hard drive completely fried! And, I am having a huge "flare-up" of my interferon injury thing - I can barely walk and can't lift my arm to scratch my nose!

The thing about me though, is that, no matter how hard the mission, I never, ever give up! We will find the way. Hopefully, you are having a little bit more luck than I have in finding some more people. Let me know if you need me to do anything!

Thank you so very much for helping me so much!!! I couldn't have done it without you. I owe you a lot - I will also find a way to repay you both.

Annie G.




(619) 233-3565
FAX (619) 233-9841




(415) 788-0207
FAX (415) 447-0066



I, _____________________________, Plaintiff, agree that The Law Offices of Patrick E. Catalano, a Professional Corporation, will represent the interests of the undersigned Plaintiff(s) in pursuit of a claim against drug manufacturers Peg-Intron/Shering-Plough, for damages I have suffered.

Fees for legal services rendered by the attorney will be on a contingency fee basis set forth as follows:

Settlement Before 90 Days Before 40% of Gross Recovery
the First Trial Date in State Court;
In Federal Court, 90 Days Before
the Final Pre-Trial Conference

Settlement Any Time After 90 45% of Gross Recovery
Days Before the First Trial Date
in State Court; In Federal Court,
90 Days Before the Final Pre-Trial


After Trial Commences 45% of Gross Recovery
If Appeal From Judgment After 50% of Gross Recovery


I agree that the Law Offices of Patrick E. Catalano may associate Masry & Vititoe and/or the Law Offices of Charles S. LiMandri, or other attorneys, who will be sharing the above-referenced fee in the handling of my case.

The client(s) expressly acknowledges that contingency fee percentages are not set by law but are negotiable between attorney and client(s).

The client(s) shall be responsible for all costs and disbursements incurred in connection with this claim/lawsuit including, but not limited to, copying charges, postage, travel and telephone. Upon receipt of any money, including partial settlements, or upon termination of the attorney-client relationship, whichever occurs first, the client(s) will be billed for all costs and disbursements. In the case of complete or partial settlements, attorneys’s fees as above and costs, will become due.

The client(s) agrees to cooperate and assist with responding to all discovery requests in this case. The client(s) agree to provide complete written or electronic responses to all questions within their knowledge and capacity in a timely manner and agrees to provide verifications as requested. The client(s) agrees to work with the attorney to answer questions requiring the attorney’s assistance. The client(s) agrees to pay the attorney the sum of $250.00 per hour, plus costs and expenses, for all services required as a result of any failure by client(s) to cooperate and assist. Client(s) agrees to reimburse attorney for any sanctions imposed by the Court which are caused by any failure by client(s) to cooperate and assist in a timely manner.

If client(s) discharges attorney prior to the termination of the matter, all costs advanced by attorney and/or incurred will be paid within thirty (30) days of discharge.

Attorney is specifically hereby given a lien on the claim or cause of action, on any sum recovered by way of settlement or payment of any claim and/or on any judgment that may be recovered for the sum mentioned above as the fee plus any unreimbursed costs which have been advanced, and attorney shall have all general, possessory, or retaining liens, and all special or charging liens, or liens of any nature, known to law.

The attorney is to receive the applicable percentage of the gross recovery. In addition, the attorney is to receive reimbursement for all disbursements and costs advanced on client’s behalf.

The client(s) authorizes the attorney to retain, on an hourly basis, such consultants which the attorney, in his opinion, considers necessary to pursue or protect the client’s interests.

It is agreed that if a settlement offer is tendered in the case by Defendants and Law Offices of Patrick E. Catalano believes that the offer is in good faith and settlement should be accepted and communicates this position to client(s), and client(s) does not agree to the settlement offer, Law Offices of Patrick E. Catalano may require client(s) to advance the reasonable costs of trial in the case.

The client(s) agrees that the attorney, at the attorney’s election, may withdraw from the representation if, in the opinion of the attorney, further litigation would be contrary to client’s best interest.

This agreement covers only the handling of the above-mentioned matters, including the handling of lawsuits relating to the above-mentioned matters. Any other matters handled by the attorney for the client(s) are not included in the above fee and client(s) shall pay attorney additional compensation for such matters.

Attorney has made no warranties as to the successful termination of any matters for which attorney is rendering services on behalf of client(s), and all expressions made by attorney relative thereto are matter of attorney’s opinion only.


Dated:__________________________ By:__________________________

Patrick E. Catalano

Client (Print Name)

Dated:__________________________ By:__________________________

Client (Sign Name)





____________________ home

____________________ work

____________________ cell

Facsimile: ____________________

e-mail ____________________

Any additional information regarding your circumstances:




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