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Great Blood Tests
April 6, 2004

Dear Lloyd,

Hi, it's been awhile since I have e-mailed you. Hope God finds you in good health. I had faxed you some blood tests awhile back. I was living in Florida then, but now live in Arizona. I was laid off in Florida so I moved back home.

I just started working a couple of weeks ago, praise the lord, as I feel well enough to work My liver enzymes are normal at 32 and 34, viral load is 524,000.   I have hepatitis 2b.  I take most of the things on your list, but not the frozen thymus. Two years ago I was very sick with enzymes in the 200's and viral load at 16 million. .That's when I found out I had hepatitis.

I believe the lord put the right people in my path as they directed me to try the natural way, otherwise I would of tried Interferon. I also found your web site at this time and it has been my inspiration and hope. I have excepted the fact that I may never rid this from my body if that is God's wish for me. I just want to say I tried and that is the reason for this e-mail as I ! would really like your direction in where to go from here. I also have osteoporosis and just got my bone density back and the results are very promising. My numbers are much much better. I am a 49 year old women, still work out (not as good as I used to), but I try.

God bless you Lloyd, I believe God has a special place for you in heaven. Growing up in Los Angeles I learned to be very skeptical of people. I wondered if you were for real. I now know you are for real and say prayers for you often. I met this one gentlemen through my Mom and he had hepatitis c. We talked and I felt he could really benefit from your web site. I seen his story on your web page and then realized how real you are. I had been working with a holistic doctor and Life Extension in Florida and ordered some things from you.

Question: Do you think that you should give your body a break from all the vitamins once in a while? What other information do you need from me to direct me in what I should take, as I believe I don't need all the things on your list. Why do you say to eat Chocolate when I was told sugar is bad for us. My diet is good but I do eat that bad?

Hope this wasn't too long or you are put off with this letter. I am asking for your help in ridding this disease from my body if this is possible. May God continue to bless you and those who come in contact with you.

M. D.

Hi M. D.:

I am very happy you are doing better.

1. Yes, most naturopaths say one should take a break form supplements every so often.  I think that a 1 week break from vitamin C is important when taken to tolerance for 3 months.  It is necessary to stop olive leaf every 4 or 5 days, break for 2 to 3 days and start over.  Some say licorice should only be taken 5 days in a row and stopped for 2 days.  If you read everything I am sure one could come up with every scenario.

2. You can fax me your blood work and I can see where you are at. Email me of any symptoms or changes that you notice.

3. I say eat chocolate for several different reasons.  One of them is that we should enjoy life always instead of giving up all celebration.  Chocolate is a very good anti oxidant  Chocolate causes a higher flow of Dopamine which helps with mood.  Chocolate does not refer to sugar, yes, sugar is added to chocolate but there is a bit of sin in everything we eat.  There are many organic pure chocolate products on the market today.

The idea was to say, it is not necessary to give up all of life to accomplish a goal, that God wants you to enjoy life, He wants you to prosper.

4. It seems to be important to stay away from white refined sugar.  Have you tried Absorbic C?  this vitamin C gets 90% of vitamin C into your blood, others less than 10%.  It can make a big difference.

In regard to osteoporosis, I have found that taking some of the prescription meds for it causes the AST and ALT to go up.  Be sure and take coral calcium, one with out lead. There are lots of them on the market, just get a good one.  Biomega 3 is important in treating osteoporosis.

Thank you for the terrific email and I hope to keep hearing good reports.

In good health,


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