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Good Tasting Tea & Whacky Weed
February 27, 2002


Ever try mixing a little cinnamon in your teas? I put cinnamon and honey in my last batch of Cats Claw, it sure makes it easier to drink, tried it in my Dandelion / Licorice root mix too. Would you think there would be any detriment to the tea? Is there anything wrong with mixing the teas?

I'm coming up on two months on your program, it's been a big change for me, I'm not used to taking any pills on a regular basis or drinking funky tasting teas but the results are enough to keep me on the straight an narrow.

I still haven't been to a doctor to have any blood work done, talked to one, he was wanting to have me come in on a regular basis and I'm just not all that kicked in the head about it. Screw 'em, I know I feel better, my prostate problems have cleared up, my skin color is better and my eyes aren't bloodshot all the time, I don't need an MD to tell me that it's helping. Think I'll go for a test after a year.

I stopped drinking for the most part several years before testing positive for HCV, it just got to hurting too bad. I might drink a beer a month. How bad is that? What about smoking marijuana? That's one you don't hear much about. I know we'd all be better off not to but it's kinda nice just once in a while, not too much. Do you think it's a big deal? The obvious answer is why take the chance but it is something of a stress reliever.

Thanks for your help and hope,
T. B.

Mixing cinnamon in the teas is a great idea. Cinnamon sticks would be good as well. If I can find a place to buy them in bulk I will start including them. Honey is also very good for you.


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