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Vitamins and Herbs
February 24, 2002

Looking for another opinion. I am an industrial painter and my union gets us a physical yearly. 2-23-02 was the date. The doctor who interveiwed us questioned me of my health and I stated HepC. She asked what vitamins I take. I stated C, B-Complex, E,Zinc,Garlic-Parsley, Multivitamin in morn, Milkthistle, Glucosamine-Chrondroitan(joints) and that I was going to start your regiment of alpha lipoic acid aloe vera, selenium as I can afford it.

She stated that I should only take a multi once dailey and that my liver is being damaged by having to process all these other vitamins. She stated the herbs aren't regulated and won't help. I know all about the contoversey on the herbs but will the vitamins cause my liver to overwork and will the benefit out weigh the damage? She told me to tell my liver specialist of them, I have and he had no response, just "take interfron and rebetrol"


I thought I would post this because it is so typical for doctors to say things they know nothing about.


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